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Three Jharkhand MLAs have been held, cash found in carWest Bengal State Police

Three KLA leaders were arrested from Jharkhand in Howrah district in West Bengal on Saturday evening after huge amount of cash I was found in They are the vehicle, the police said. It is called part of BJP’s “Operation Lotus”, alleged Congress attempt to bring down his alliance government in Jharkhand.

admin of Police, Howrah (Country), Swati Bhangaliya, SUV said, with A plaque named ‘MLA Jamtara Jharkhand’ was intercepted on NH-16, in ranihati area of Howrah district, after tip-off.

“We have arrested three Congress MLAs from Jharkhand, they are Irrfan Ansari, MLA from Jamtara; Rajesh Ketchup, MLA from Khjri; and Naman Bexal, MLA from Kulibira; with Huge amounts of cash. We will only be able to count cash When we get counting machines, said Bhangaliya.

“We had a huge specific input amount of money had been moved in a car. We started checking vehiclesthis objected car in who was traveling three countries. MLAs are being questioned about the source of The money and where it is taken,” she said.

Sources said that car He was heading to Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport in Dum Dum when he was intercepted. Besides the MLAs, there were two more people in The police said.

In Delhi, while some congressional leaders linked to recovery of cash for mutual vote in The last presidential election, the party He called it “Operation Lotus”, a euphemism for Alleged poaching of MLAs of BJP.

“Operation Lotus” BJP in Jharkhand stands exposed tonight in Howrah. The game plan of “hum” in Delhi to do in Jharkhand what did they do? in Maharashtra Installs Binary ED, “Jeram Ramesh, Congress general secretary in Cost of Communicate and tweet.

Congress was nervous about Jharkhand, as he is a part of it of Alliance government with JMM, since the fall of Uddhav Thackeray government in Maharashtra.

amid speculation of a possible crack in Congress, which includes 18 MLAs in state, a senior Congress leader in Jharkhand said, “Even before their arrest, we received information about their whereabouts of The three MLAs in Howrah neighborhood. Maybe this is a part of ‘Operation Lotus’ is meant to be an illusion (MLAs) of Guwahati.”

In a statement by the President of Congress in Jharkhand, Rajesh Thakur said: “It is now clear that the BJP, for For a long time, trying to overthrow governments in Non-BJP Countries… people elect partybut the government It is formed by someone else party. The country needs to think on this is no thing of The guilty will be saved… Assam is the center from which the whole plot takes place. Looks like they’re preparing to drop government During the monsoon session. “

in july last yearPixel one of Three of the detained MLAs claimed that he was offered Rs 1 crore by “some people’to drop government. Later, the FIR also Foot in This contact.

great source in The state Congress said that “the Moroccan Liberation Army Rajesh Ketchup was clearly unhappy with some ministers in The state… He said things were under control.”

JMM spokesperson Governor Suprio Bhattacharya told PTI, “The party You will be able to talk about her position on The issue tomorrow.” Chief Minister Hemant Soren is facing the pressure over Mining lease agreement, and arrest of Assistant Pankaj Mishra and ED researches searches across the state in Connection with Mining issue.

Deepak Prakash, the president of Jharkhand from the BJP, told PTI that Congress MLAs should Explanation of the source of The cash.

Jharkhand’s Independent MLA Saryu Roy has asked Congress to clarify whether the MLAs belong to Jharkhand with cash or travel to another country. Where is the source? of money – Assam, Bengal or Jharkhand? ” Asked.

with the recovery Coming amid the ongoing investigation in West Bengal school jobs case, in Captured by ED around Rs 50 crore cash Features associated with former TMC minister Assisting Partha Chatterjee, Arpita Mukherjee, and development triggered political war of words in Bengal.

“middle hum of horse-trading and the possible coup of Jharkhand government3INCJharkhand (Congress MLAs of Jharkhand) were found carry huge sums of cash to Bengal. What is the source of this is money? Will any central agency take the flag on its own? or extend rules Apply to a select few,” TMC tweeted from his site official Dealing.

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“ED, are you making a note or isn’t it painful enough? Machines brought in in Huge count amount of cash found in a vehicle in which was traveling 3 Jharkhand MLAs. we demand A thorough investigation of the matter, “Bengal minister Shashi Banga tweeted.

In response, BJP spokesperson Samik Bhattacharya said, “There is no need To give great importance to what the Transitional Military Council says. They have lost their moral right to speak on a issue like This is after the last recovery of cash in Contact the SSC recruitment scam. We feel that the Transitional Military Council and the Congress are making preparations to form a coalition against BJP with The help of That’s big amount of money. “

The leader of the Bengal Congress Party, Kustap Bhaji, said: “If cash can’t be counted forthen MLAs must be brought to justice. Congress will not object to that. If they can not prove cashthen party We will not take any responsibility of this is. The party Will not support MLAs if they are guilty.”

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