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Those affected by the Bitinka case organize a collective lawsuit in Spain

A collective legal action against the cryptocurrency exchange Bitinka is taking place in Spain. The Lucas & Asociados law firm activated a census to determine the number of operators that were harmed by the blocking of their funds.

The legal firm published a form in which those affected must complete the requested data and establish how the events occurred . Any person who considers himself injured can be registered, regardless of whether he is in Spain, Latin America or another country.

«Legal process against Bitinka who has withheld funds from its investors for three years with subsidiaries in Spain : Bintinka, BQ Blockchain SAC, Inka Payments SAC, Fintech Blockzy Technologies SL and its administrator Roger GB Q ”, reads the page to formalize the complaints of the operators.

The office indicated in its website that a possible legal case for misappropriation against Bitinka is being raised, although other alleged crimes such as fraud and money laundering are not ruled out. The intention of the lawyers is to form a group of at least 50 operators.

The lawyers would already be defining what would be the path to take for the legal action. “Our intention is to continue in criminal proceedings until we get the investment,” indicated the legal firm on the website enabled to receive user comments.

Proceedings against Bitinka in Spain

One of the people affected by the blocking of funds in Bitinka was consulted by CriptoNoticias about this potential legal action. The operator identified as “Emilio” said that the process is under development in Spain and not in Latin America to avoid any vice. In addition, the trader said that one of the main managers of the The company has lived in this country for years .

It would be Roger Benites Quijano who this newspaper reported, in January 2021, that he was investing millions of euros in a supposed startup for digital payments and sending remittances over blockchain. The alleged company is Blockzy Technologies, which is also mentioned by the lawyers.

The firm itself warned that the legal case would be based in Spanish territory since the companies “and their administrators could have domicile in Spain” . Given these possible facts, the lawyers consider that there is competence to continue with the process with the local justice.

Since 2019, Bitinka operators have reported restrictions or total blocking of their funds on the exchange . The company alleges that malicious users harmed the platform and took advantage of their own system and other people.

Users of other nationalities, such as the United States, have filed several complaints about the Bitinka service before the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and even the FBI, as CriptoNoticias has reported in the past. In Argentina, lawsuits have also been filed for thousands of dollars in compensation.


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