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“This is outrageous”: the German ambassador on China claim on Arunachal Pradesh | India latest news

New Delhi: China claim on Arunachal Pradesh is “outrageous” and its violation on India’s northern border is unacceptable as it amounts to a violation of The international German Ambassador Philip Ackermann on Tuesday.

Ackerman, who He was seeing reporters for The first time after taking up Location in New Delhi earlier this month labeled Russia invasion of Ukraine “Kindian problem“Because it is also a violation of The international world Similar to China’s behavior on Northern borders.

While recognizing that India and Europe may not get along on all aspects of Ukraine crisis, Ackermann noted that there was “progress” in India’s position as recently voted against Russia allow The Ukrainian president delivers a practical speech to a meeting of United Nations Security Council.

“We are well aware of Indians problems on the northern border. we should Don’t forget that China claims that Arunachal Pradesh is an inseparable part of China. This is outrageous in a way. Therefore, we see very clearly that crossing the border is very difficult and should He said.

Semi-Ackerman Russia invasion of Ukraine to Germany invasion of Poland in 1939 – one of The events who – which triggered World War II – He said Moscow’s behavior amounted to a ‘flagrant violation’ of The international Law built up over The past seven decades for allow small And the big States live with each other peacefully.

“I think the Indian side Get to know problem of infringement of international Law. Basically, it’s [the Ukraine crisis] also Indians problem. You have it on your northern border. This is something every couple has been facing of years,” he said.

Germany did not hesitate to provoke the Ukraine crisis with India, including during Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Berlin in may and he is too clear That we have wished At some point that India… was more sincere on some issues.”

We have now seen that the Indians voted for The first time against Russia. that was progress Which we duly noted. that it also clear We may not agree on every line when it comes to Ukraine,” Ackerman said, referring to India’s vote for proposal for allow Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky addresses the United Nations Security Council last week.

India has refrained from publicly blaming Russia over The invasion of Ukraine, although she repeatedly called for respect for territorial integrity of All counties. she has also sought an immediate end to hostilities and a return to path of diplomacy and dialogue. European countries such as Germany opposed India decision Takes up Russia show of Raw at a discount, although New Delhi faced such criticism with reference out who – which countries in Europe itself was still buying Russian energy.

Ackermann said his interactions with Indian interlocutors led him to believe that the Indian side understand need To catch up to keep international ranking. There is a dispute on Some issues but I also We understand it while we don’t agree on methods or measures, on “At the abstract level there is an understanding,” he said.

At the same time, Ackermann called for Differentiate between what happens at the border with China’s developments in Ukraine. “China does not have 20% of Indian lands, China does not systematically destroy every village, every town in The area He said “.

any transgression of border violation of international Law, respect for boundaries one of Earth rules” of international Law said.

Ackerman also He indicated Germany’s growing interest in Indo-Pacific, including the situation in Taiwan. Germany spread of frigate last year to share of Its warplanes in australia black stadium military An exercise that reflects renewed interest and fears in The regionHe said.

The new German government of Chancellor Olaf Schultz has made a “clear Turn ‘to India and Modi’s two visits to Germany – in mayo for Bilateral government consultations and in June for G7 Summit – Reflects the importance attached to New Delhi role in Bilateral relations and multilateral forums added.

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