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This is Marjorie Taylor Green. opponent is Republican best shot at something to throw her off the spot — if they want to

A first candidate of time and the most formidable of Green’s five primary opponents Strahan has support of PKK of the Republican Jewish Coalition and PKK of some major local and national companies including UPS and International Paper. VIEW PAC — leading organization dedicated to the recruitment and election of Republican women Congress — opposes the incumbent for in first time, endorsing Strahan against Green.

VIEW PAC’s independent consumables have been largely alone. in manufacturing small investments in mail and digital advertising. Some Republicans in Congress helped Strahan behind scenes, but few will go public.

And even many of GOP voters whom CNN met in 14th constituency who doubted Green: “I like her politics and not her demeanor” was a frequent refrain – did not hear of Republicans flee against her for this place is in northwest Georgia.

“As long as there are Republicans in this place, I’m fine,” said Lorrie Hayken, a 54-year-old woman.year- an old self-proclaimed supporter of “MAGA” who does not trust President Joe Biden won 2020 election but also thinks QAnon conspiracy theory – and Green’s promotion of this is going too far.
Green moved to Rome. last cycle up run for 14th District when it became open, abandoning an earlier application for location in suburban Atlanta. Her area, which she won with 75% of in vote in 2020 after the fall of the Democrat out, remains overwhelmingly Republican, although slightly less since the redistricting, so it’s not clear how which will affect the primary electorate. Green campaign signs more easy to spot on outskirts of Rome, where eclectic restaurants and shops fast give way to dollar generals and open land. But even in her influence was felt in this noisy city center.

One business owner, who reverently put Strahan sign in her shop window, said Strahan, would more effective in Washington but asked for anonymity out of fear of retribution – especially fear of received a threatening voice message from a congresswoman.

“My stomach is churning just talking with you” shop said the owner.

Green campaign did not respond to inquiries for interview.

“Joe Biden is our President”

Owner of health consulting company, Strahan often introduces herself to voters as a mom of a son, two dogs and a turtle. On a recent teleconference she said participants the county needs someone who’s not”social media celebrity,” a not-so-subtle blow to a congresswoman.

Strahan’s most devoted supporters yearn for this contrast. “Our current representative is everything left wanted Trump will in that she just ineffective and loud,” said 39-year-Old Josh Brown of rockmart, who recognized Strahan at a local cafe shop and stopped her to say hello. He is delighted with her candidacy, calling her “mature and determined.”

Josh Brown, 39, from Rockmart, Georgia. supporting Strahan in GOP primary because he thinks she is work well with other.Josh Brown, 39, from Rockmart, Georgia. supporting Strachan in GOP primary because he thinks she is work well with other.
GOP House leadership denounces Green for speaking at a conference of white nationalists in February. Not so long ago, Republicans in the House of Representatives voted to oust a then member of the House of Representatives. Steve King of Iowa off its committees in Congress after it made comments that sympathized with white supremacists. Shortly thereafter, King was defeated. in 2020 primaries. But party management basically tolerated Green, with House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy recently traveled to the US-Mexico border. with she is a sign of just how Republicans in the House of Representatives closely supported the most loyal to Trump followers in their conference is ahead of what could be another trump bid for the white house in 2024.
Marjorie Taylor Green history of    dangerous conspiracy theories and commentsMarjorie Taylor Green history of    dangerous conspiracy theories and comments
Democratic Majority in house, along with 11 Republicans voted to strip Green of her committee assignments last year after her past statements indicating support for political violence, as well as anti-Muslim and anti-Semitic comments were found. Bye Strahan says she doesn’t agree with that decision to punish Green, she used the result to frame the congresswoman as an ineffective legislator. It’s a stance that highlights the difficult balance she’s trying to strike between non-alienating Republicans. who may voted for Green last cycle and dislike decisions from Washington but still calling for new performance in district.
As for House Republican leadership, Strahan said she’s not surprised they didn’t intervene in her race against active despite fact that McCarthy supports the main contender for another incumbent, Rep. Liz Cheney, in Wyoming.

CNN reached out to the political team.

For guidance of SEE PAC by taking Green on near more how just the 14th arrondissement is also about reputation of another Republican women in house.

“It’s a pity that in 2020, we elected some really awesome republican women and the only one people talk about the only one who does not have business Existence in Congress,” group chief executive Julie Conway, told CNN.

man holding campaign flyer for Strachan in Rome on May 12, 2022man holding campaign flyer for Strachan in Rome on May 12, 2022

Strachan critical of many of Green’s controversial comments, including about Russia and Ukraine, say she admits that “Russia is the aggressor.” But when it comes to conservative policyStrahan said a lot of “overlap” with their positions.

To a lesser extent, when it comes to last presidential elections, however. “Joe Biden is our president,” Strahan said, not directly when asked if she would vote for 2020 certification results. Recently, advocacy groups have tried unsuccessfully to have Green removed from the ballot. for her alleged role in January 6, 2021 Uprising at the US Capitol.

Strahan praised Trump’s policies, especially the 2017 tax law, but didn’t commit to supporting his for Republican Party nomination in 2024. “If he is our candidate, I would support him,” she said. twice when asked if she would back his in primary.

Strahan tours law firm in center of Rome.Strahan tours law firm in center of Rome.
Her strongest public support among elected leaders in Washington came from Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy, who was one of seven Republican senators, including outspoken Trump critic Mitt Romney of Utah to vote condemn former President in impeachment trial after January 6th.

At a fundraiser on Capitol Hill for Strahan last month, Cassidy framed race as battle for in future of The Republican Party – and the country. Romney PAC Guide also donated to Strahan campaign.

Strong base for Green

Trump spent one of his final rallies of 2020 in Rome is a testament to its popularity in this part of state.

And while Green’s outspokenness seems to have led some voters off, for its supporters, that’s exactly what they are like about her and Trump, reflecting a growing divide over whether elected officials should work within traditional norms or blow them up up.

Campaign signs for Strahan (center) and Greene (right) are visible. just outside of    Rome in Silver Creek, Georgia on May 12, 2022Campaign signs for Strahan (center) and Greene (right) are visible. just outside of    Rome in Silver Creek, Georgia on May 12, 2022

“They hate her, so I like”66-yearsaid old Steve Walker of Green as he walked out of local crossfit gym after a morning workout on Friday and headed for his pickup truck.

Who are they?” “People in charge up there,” Walker said. already voted early for congressman, and former crossfit gym owner who is known, often it is location.

“I love her because she is brave,” said the 55th.year- old Audrey Burch, who was playing with her grandson in fountain in the center. “Most of what she said, I agree with.”

And Stephanie Howard, a 56-year-old from neighboring Chattooga County, said she heard some of Green’s contradictory remarks but didn’t care.

“I like that she speaks her mind,” Howard said as she loaded groceries into her SUV at an Ingles supermarket. in Summerville, about 30 miles northwest of Rome.

seeking for alternative

But from behind counter at Dogwood Books, Kenneth Studdard can see across Broad Street the popular Harvest Moon Café, where Green sometimes dines when she back in Rome.

A 56-year- an old republican, Studdard opposed Green, who he said he was “turning everything into a circus” as he supported local neurosurgeon John Cowan ahead of the 2020 election. in GOP primary group.

With an orange “I am a Georgia voter” sticker, Studdard said he voted earlier in the day. for Strahan, even if he finds out how hard this will overthrow the incumbent president.

“If you are Strahan, you are trying to do two things: keep her until 50 (percent) and come in secondsaid longtime Georgia Republican strategist Chip Lake, referring to the runoff in the state. rule which requires an excess of 50% of in vote to win primary straight.

Some Democrats fear a repeat of 2020 as cash flows to promising candidatesSome Democrats fear a repeat of 2020 as cash flows to promising candidates
On the Democratic side, a cowboy hat-wearing Army veteran Marcus Flowers raised more over $8 million is an enviable sum for republican like Strahan when the main is best chance at Green’s displacement.

“If they gave Strahan everything money Flowers, that would be a completely different conversation,” Lake said. (Strahan raised $392,000 through May 4, according to with Federal Election Commission compared with $11.9 million for Green.)

Among the trio of walking businessmen in polo down Broad street at lunchtime two voted for Strahan in the GOP primary the day before, while one voted in Democratic primaries.

Bob Finnell, a Democratic voter, was an aide to Republican Senator Mac Mattingly. who served one term in 1980s. Finnell is unhappy with in direction of Republican Party – or district. He offered only half- jokingly, that the only one way win Green would be for TV commercial candidate of themselves aggressively pretend not to allow immigrants to cross state lines.

None of the Republican voters thought that Green would lose the primary. “Slim to Zero” was how 34-year- old Collin Doss described Strahan’s chances.

His father, David Doss, said he thought the 2020 primary runoff between Green and Cowan would not be close.

“I was right,” he said, but got winner wrong: It was Green who ended up defeating Cowan by 14 points.

However, he thinks or hopes it’s years race against Strahan will be closer.


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