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This is how to make the employee committed!

An effective solution for the integration of a new entrant poses a regular dilemma for companies as the needs of employees are constantly changing. The opportunities provided by technological development and digitalisation represent a new situation and a wider range of tools for professionals, but the expectations of employees are decisive in all cases. What obstacles can an employee face in the organization and how can a company overcome these challenges

The integration of a new colleague does not start on the first working day, but already at the moment when the company offers accept, and it can take up to a month between the two events. During this time, it is the employer’s job to keep in touch with the new employee: it is important to feel that they are waiting for you to arrive, to count on him and his work, so that the subsequent positive employee experience can be facilitated.

What is good onboarding like?

Integrating an incoming employee into a company’s system is most effective when the process is practice-oriented and interactive. The most effective way to do this is on-the-job training, where the new colleague can monitor the mentor as they work, so they can learn not only about the work done, but also about the company’s internal processes, systems, and infrastructure. This method can be particularly beneficial because it allows new colleagues to gather a lot of information about how the organization works in a short period of time. It is important that this information can be easily retrieved later for the new employee, so it is worth making the materials available in digital form.

Onboarding is also linked to the informal integration process, at the beginning of which managers and employees they are also informed about the arrival of the new colleague, their professional and personal background – for example, what their hobby is.

It has been a significant problem for companies that, due to the epidemic situation, newcomers have had little or no personal contact with the community. In such cases, employee engagement is also more difficult to develop. It is especially important that previous community programs and team builders remain. When organizing, companies are forced to adapt to the current situation, but the online space does not replace personal meetings.

Feedback should be reciprocal

and HR professionals perceive the process differently from within, so it is important that feedback between the employee and the employer is reciprocal and regular. Both parties can benefit from this, because not only can the entry process be improved, but the employee also feels that his or her opinion is important, and this facilitates subsequent commitment.

“The needs of the onboarding process are technological “The company can best do this by constantly monitoring these needs and constructively incorporating feedback on the existing system into its strategy,” he said. Krisztina Galgóczi, HR Business Partner of Profession.hu

The most form of direct feedback is the most rewarding, but for this, employers must ensure that employees also feel safe to express their opinions, which they can say later. treated discreetly by the competent authorities. If, for some reason, the person is uncomfortable with such a situation or is not in a position to provide direct feedback to their superiors, it is advisable to include a mentor in the process who will interpret his or her comments to managers.

Group dynamics processes

Team-building programs also play an important role in the integration of workers and the strengthening of relationships with colleagues. It is advisable to organize them in a controlled way and allocate special resources to them. For long-term effectiveness, companies are encouraged to assess their own internal organizational processes with the help of an external professional, such as a psychologist, to identify weaknesses in the integration process.

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