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This is how a Tesla splits in the Russian winter

The head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade criticized the performance of Tesla cars in the Russian winter

Russian Minister of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov spoke at Tesla’s electric disadvantages of cars in winter conditions in Russia. According to him, the range of the car will be reduced many times over in freezing temperatures.

, but this requires the development of technology. Especially electric motors and batteries, which currently operate differently in different climates. (No wonder Tesla’s founder’s plant design in Russia has been called into question as the country’s electric car industry is already booming.)

Manturov cited Tesla’s reduced battery capacity due to cold weather as an example.

“The range of the car is 400-450 km. From my own experience, after standing for an hour and a half in the cold, minus 30 degrees below zero, I can barely get home because there are less than 100 km instead of 450 km on paper. kilometers, “said the minister.

The head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade has been using an electric crossover Tesla Model X 100D since 2020, according to his income statement. The second car in the politician’s 2020 statement is the Lada Vesta

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