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These are the ways of the people of Delhi should avoid Today when Central Vista opened

Traffic police announced general Traffic diversions from 6 pm to 9 pm on Several ways to ensure The safety of children And pedestrians, smooth traffic in New Delhi area.

Diversions (starting with C Hexagon each way) will do stretch From:

  • Tilak Marg to Bhagwan Das Road Junction
  • Purana Kela Road to Mathura Road
  • Shershah Road to Mathura Road
  • Dr. Zakir Hussain Marg to Subramanya Bharti Marg Crossing
  • Bandara Road to Subramanya Bharti Marg Crossing
  • Shah Jahan road to Q . point
  • Akbar Road to R/A Mansingh
  • Ashoka Road to Jaswant Singh Road
  • KG Marg to Madhav Rao Crossing, Sindia Marg
  • Copernicus Marg to Madhav Rao Crossing, Scindia Marg.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic, New Delhi range): The following roads and junctions are expected to see heavy traffic. Passengers are asked to plan their journey in Progress accordingly.” He noted:

  • Mathura Road
  • Ashoka Road
  • Prithvi Raj Road
  • bigger way
  • Subramanian Bharti Marg
  • Abdul Kalam APJ Road
  • Rajesh Pilot Marge
  • R/A Windsor Place
  • R/A Claridge Hotel
  • Man Singh Road
  • R/A MNLP, Janpath
  • Firoz Shah Road
  • R / A Mandi House
  • Sikandra Road.

Traffic police also announced infusion kit points for Buses from 6pm to 9pm, require Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC), Delhi Integrated Multimodal System (DIMTS) and others to plan accordingly. these points will be:

  • Moti Bagh and Bikaji Kama crossings on Ring road
  • south foot of flyovers in Lodi and Moolchand
  • ITO and IP Flyover – Vikas Marg
  • Ring Road – Yamuna Bazaar
  • Tess Hazare – Morey Gate Intersection
  • Dial choc on Panchkoyan Road
  • AIIMS Flyover, SBM – Mathura Road
  • Nella Jumpbad
  • ashram chuck
  • NH 24 Ring Road
  • Ring Road – ISBT
  • ISBT – T Point
  • Daula Kwan

DTC . was also Request to organize “park and ride” facilities to C-Hexagon from:

  • Bhairon Road
  • Rajghat
  • Connaught Place
  • Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium.

. advise visitors avoid taxis and private vehicles And the use These facilities instead.


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