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These are the most vulnerable points in healthcare in IT

According to a survey of 400 IT professionals, most of them are concerned about the potential for data breaches and attacks using medical devices. According to a survey by cyber security company Armis, IT professionals have seen an increased cyber risk over the last 12 months

The COVID-19 epidemic appears to have activated cybercriminals as well. But these pests cannot be controlled by vaccination. Armis and Censuswide interviewed 400 IT professionals working in healthcare organizations in the United States, in addition to 2,030 general respondents, and found that nearly 60 percent of IT respondents had dealt with an extortion virus incident at their institution in the past year.

*) Armis says there are already about 430 million connected medical devices in use worldwide, making many hospitals vulnerable to various cyber security flaws in pneumatic tubing, technologies used in HVAC systems (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), infusion pumps and other devices

More than 32% of general respondents mentioned that they had already been the victim of a cyber security attack, and IT experts said they were most concerned about hospital data leaks that had become commonplace in recent years


More than half of IT respondents consider it a confidential deposit Data leaks that result in data leakage are the biggest concern. After data protection incidents, 23 percent of IT professionals were most concerned about attacks on hospital operations, and 13 percent cited extortion virus attacks as a cause for concern.

54 percent said IT professionals the most risky were building systems such as HVAC and electrical equipment, followed by imaging equipment, drug delivery equipment, check-in kiosks and vital signs equipment

Fortunately, according to many IT respondents their healthcare facility is taking steps to make cybersecurity a priority: 86 percent say the agency has hired a cybersecurity manager and 95 percent have indicated that the connected devices are equipped with the latest software.

However, 75 percent said recent attacks have been the driving force behind cyber security change. More than half of IT workers explained that their healthcare organization allocates more money to the security of their systems.

“It is critical for healthcare organizations to consider the entire patient path when thinking about security. A strong health security strategy is multifaceted and requires a holistic approach, “said Oscar Miranda, Armis’s Chief Technology Officer for Healthcare.

Nearly half of respondents said they would switch to a hospital if they could. that the institution has been attacked by a blackmail virus, and 37 percent are concerned about hospitals that use online portals to store patient data

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