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These are the most innovative villages in the country today

Alsómocsolád, Nagypáli, Füzérradvány and Rábapordány won the “Digital Village of the Year” award in their competition announced for the first time this year by the Digital Welfare Program (DJP). Planetarium supporting tourism services, Boeing simulator and QR code walking route; energy park, which not only participates in the energy supply of the municipality, but also operates as a green tourist attraction; a church heated by solar electricity; A pig farm that is unique in Hungary and a rarity in Europe, where all external factors dangerous to animals have been ruled out – some developments, among the innovative solutions of the winning settlements.

It was presented at an international professional conference on the Smart City, where participants were also able to learn about the future urban development solutions of more than thirty exhibitors

The Digital Village of the Year title was founded in 2021 with the aim of be able to use and present their digital developments as widely as possible, taking advantage of their potential

Hungarian settlements with less than 5,000 inhabitants applying digital innovations could apply for the title. Applications received by the deadline of 20 August 2021 were evaluated by an independent professional jury of experts. The title of “Digital Village of the Year” was presented in four categories within the framework of the conference.

“Today, Hungary is an The state of the Visegrad countries and the wider region is growing in importance, with Central Europe strengthening, improving its competitiveness and growing its economic performance. “Europe has become the continent’s economic engine. Industry 4.0, robotics, artificial intelligence, the data economy and the explosive spread of smart technologies require immediate responses. Central Europe has the potential to respond effectively to the technological challenges and Everything is needed to make the region a success, and thus a success for the European Union. opaque. ” – Balázs Nagy, Deputy State Secretary for Strategic Affairs of the Ministry of Innovation and Technology

Participants in the Civitas Sapiens ’21 Smart City Conference were also able to learn about construction technologies and assess how drones support the smart cities; or they could just think together about how to make the operation of a settlement more cost-effective with smart tools. There was also talk of how innovative, smart solutions contribute to sustainable development and how the smart environment affects society and quality of life.

“The host country for this year’s event is the Czech Republic. For the delegation mayors, key public administration experts and exhibitors shared their experiences and knowledge about their own “smart” solutions, the available funding opportunities, the most recognized domestic and international urban development projects, and the participants were introduced to knowledge centers where municipalities can help with digital development. They showed the interested people what kind of digital settlement ecosystems work in Hungary and the Czech Republic, and also compared the digitization policies of the V4 countries “, summed up this year’s interesting facts Attila Balla, Deputy Managing Director of Technology and Business Development of Digital Welfare Nonprofit Ltd.


I. category: Innovative urban environment

Winner: Alsómocsolád

There are 3 DJP Points and the IT (T) Youth Information Point in the settlement, which form the smart community spaces, in the vicinity of which free wifi coverage is provided within 80 meters.

The settlement has a smart strategy, a member of the Smart He is the initiator of the European Network of Settlements, the creation of the first smart area in Hungary, and the founder of the Digital Future Settlement Network. A regional interactive, public transport support system, HazaTér, is available in the settlement. Tourist services are supported by a planetarium, a Boeing simulator and a QR-code walking trail

The award was presented by Balázs Nagy, Deputy State Secretary for Strategic Affairs at the Ministry of Innovation and Technology

II. Category: Sustainable built and natural environment

Winner: Nagypáli

The municipality has an energy park, which is not only involved in the energy supply of the municipality, but also operates as a green tourist attraction. , a heat pump for heating buildings and an automatically controlled traveling grate boiler, the energy production of which is constantly coordinated with the newly installed energy pyramid.

The pyramid can accurately illustrate the current energy consumption of public and thermal energy, as well as weather data.

The award was presented by Dr. Zsolt Feldman, State Secretary for Agriculture and Rural Development at the Ministry of Agriculture.

III. Category: Innovative social and community well-being

Winner: Garland

In 2021, two more DJP Points were opened in the settlement next to the DJP Point in the Club for the Elderly, in the House of Culture and in the Library. In addition to the elderly, they address all ages of the population with their programs. All three DJP Points will hold a digital media literacy (DMSZ) lecture for both parents and grandparents.

Together with the local Reformed Parish, they “smartened” the local church; solar panels, inverters were installed, and the amount of solar energy produced became digitally traceable.

The award was presented by Gergely Gaal, Ministerial Commissioner for the Coordination and Promotion of Local and Domestic Settlement Programs in the Prime Minister’s Office

ARC. Category: Innovative economic ecosystem

Winner: Rábapordány

The settlement has built a pig farm, unique in Hungary and a rarity in Europe, in the implementation of Rábapordányi Mezőgazdasági Zrt. As a result of the investment, virtually all external factors that could be dangerous to the animals were eliminated and the enclosed premises of the pig farm were provided with a disinfection system, including air.

All processes were automated, heating, ventilation, also feed distribution. Feeding is based on chip identification, and individuals with the same feed requirements are selected into a group at the sow shed based on ultrasonic bacon thickness measurements

The award was presented by Tibor Pogácsás, State Secretary of the Ministry of the Interior. V. Digital Welfare Program Special Award

A significant number of the Digital Village of the Year award has been submitted by settlements where DJP points, the competence development network of the Digital Welfare Program, operate, so in addition to the winners of the four categories, Digital Welfare Program offered a special prize to one of the settlements with a DJP Point, thus emphasizing the importance and usefulness of the DJP Network.

Winner: Bakonysárkány

The settlement is responsible for the point of the Digital Welfare Program responsible for digitization, and the settlement also operates an up-to-date website

The settlement uses the Cemetery info GIS system.

The digital specialty of the István Fekete Primary School should be highlighted, where children can get acquainted with robotics, 3D design and printing.

The village has a digital data acquisition meteorological station that continuously transmits data s provides information on weather phenomena. The station is also equipped with a sky camera

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