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These 10 jobs will be booming over the next 10 years

Technicians: wanted inside for wind turbine service. (Image: Jacques Tarnero / Shutterstock)
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Anyone who is currently looking for a promising job could find what they are looking for in a forecast by the US Office for Labor Statistics. One of the top industries of the future: renewable energies.

Digitization, combating climate change, effects of the corona crisis and care emergency – what in this country likely to shape the world of jobs in the coming years is also reflected in future job forecasts by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) in the United States. The US agency has created a top ten of the jobs with the fastest growing demand.

Wind power: Strong demand for jobs

According to this, 11.9 million are to be expected throughout the US by 2030 new jobs are being created, especially in the areas that were hardest hit by the corona crisis, as CNBC writes. This includes service staff and cooks in restaurants or employees in fast food companies. The job with the greatest expected growth, however, is that of a technical service worker for wind turbines. Here the BLS is assuming a growth rate of 68 percent.

Also among the ten jobs with the best future prospects, namely in third place, are plumbers: inside of photovoltaic systems. In addition to wind power, the expansion of solar energy is an important factor for future job developments. In addition, the demand in the IT and data processing sector will continue to be high. Statisticians and IT security analysts each achieve growth rates of over a third.

Until 2030: Healthcare jobs are booming

Unsurprisingly, however, the healthcare sector makes up the lion’s share in the top 10 ranking. Like Europe, the USA will also get older in the coming years, and the need for nursing staff will increase. In Germany, the Bertelsmann Foundation expects that there will be a shortage of 500,000 full-time employees in nursing by 2030. According to the US forecast, the demand for nurses will rise by 52 percent. A surge in demand of 35 percent is expected for medical assistants by 2030.

The ten jobs with the greatest growth by 2030 (BLS forecast):

  1. Technical service for wind turbines (68.2 percent)
  2. Nurses: in (52.2 percent)
  3. Installer: in of photovoltaic systems (52.1 percent)
  4. Statisticians: in (35.4 percent)
  5. Medical assistant : in physiotherapy (35.4 percent)
  6. IT security analyst: in (33.3 percent)
  7. Caregiver (32.6 percent)
  8. Manager: in healthcare (32.5 percent)
  9. Data Scientist (31.4 percent)
  10. Medical assistant: in (31 percent)

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