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There is evidence that the prime minister was trying to get the top job for carrie johnson, says source | Carrie Johnson

There is correspondence confirming that Boris Johnson tried in 2019 to provide senior role for his then-girlfriend, Carrie Johnson, at the Foreign Office, the source said, amid growing calls for request.

Source, who worked with Johnson then, said Carrie Johnson – now prime minister’s wife – never made it to the official announcement for in role.

But they claimed that Johnson, then a foreign secretary, repeatedly pressed for she will be chosen for in senior taxpayer funded work fact reflection in internal documentation of the period that could be studied through investigation.

prime minister’s spokesperson previously stated that they could not comment on Johnson’s activities before he became prime ministerbut that “others have made clear this is story wrong”.

BUT former Foreign office ministerAlan Duncan, also said he was told in 2018 what Carrie Johnson was rising star connection in Conservative campaign headquarters (CCHQ) and was hit up for a special adviser role in department.

“For someone slightly unproven who knew nothing about foreign affairs go straight out of CCHQ and the Foreign Office were quite prominent,” Duncan told The Guardian.

He said he had no idea of in nature of her relationship with Johnson and the proposal for her rapid promotion were only briefly mentioned, though added: “If he got closer to goal, people who knew more would reveal more And then the bubble would burst.

Duncan said the suggestion that Johnson was trying to get £100,000 a year from his girlfriendyear Taxpayer funded work was latest proof of his “drip ceiling theory”. He explained: “They put one bucket under one drip, another bucket under another drop – but at some point the entire ceiling will collapse down”.

Chair of house of The Commons Standards Committee, Chris Bryant, called on Tuesday for “paper trail” surrounding issue will be published. “It is sheer corruption to appoint your lover as a pad,” he said. in tweet.

At the time, Johnson was still married to his second wife Marina Wheeler.

Liberal Democrats chief whip Wendy Chamberlain urged Bryant to investigate allegations given government ethics adviser role remains empty after resignation of Christopher Geidt last a week.

After Geidt said that claims “may ripen for investigation”, Chamberlain said there had been “significant risk that such an investigation will not followbecause No. 10 has not committed to replacing Geidt while he considers role.

Chamberlain said: “If found be truethese accusations will amount to a serious breach of standards in public life and don’t bring just in office of prime minister notorious, but parliament and our politics generally.”

Considering that the standards committee can only conduct general requests and those passed to him by the standards commissioner, Bryant should have opened an investigation into “attempts by ministers to appoint people of interest” and then call Johnson as a witness for the official hearing of the case.

Deputy Labor leader Angela Rayner expressed concern over Johnson’s alleged attempt to make an “improper date with his own office”but called him”just another case of dish out work for people close to him.

She said the country could not “endure another five months”. with No accountability in Downing Street” and joked that “to this prime MinisterEthics District East of London”.

This was announced to the House of Commons by Conservative MP Jackie Doyle-Price. in the answer is that the person chosen to replace Geidt “would suffer enormous reputational damage”. risk in to hire,” and urged colleagues do not break the law and do not tarnish standards. “It should to be in our DNA for play through rules of in game,” she said.

Michael Ellis, cabinet minister, defied calls for a deadline on Heidt filling role. He said that the meeting will made after “due diligence and attention” and should do not conclude”in rush”.

After the Mirror reported that Johnson had discussed giving his wife environmental roles. in autumn 2020, no. 10 said prime minister didn’t recommend it for no meetings, but will not “get into any conversations he may or may not have.”

Press secretary Carrie Johnson called claims that she was offered a job in The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is “completely untrue”. To subsequent statements about trying to get her a job elsewhere, they said, “That old story is as wrong now as it was then.”

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