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There is also a country where the entire Twitter has been banned after removing a presidential tweet

Nigeria has disabled Twitter access in the country after the community site removed President Muhammadu Buhari’s tweet earlier this week.

Nigeria’s Federal Information and Culture The ministry said in a series of tweets on Friday that the government had suspended Twitter “indefinitely” because “the platform is persistently applying activities that could undermine Nigeria’s own existence under its own law.”

On Wednesday, Twitter removed Buhari’s tweet because it exhausted the “Offensive Behavior” rule, Reuters reported. According to this, a user cannot engage in or encourage harassment of others. Any behavior that attempts to suppress another person’s opinion by harassing, threatening, or intimidating is considered an attacker. accused of attacks on government infrastructure, Reuters noted, adding that Buhari served in the army during the Civil War and was Nigeria’s military leader in the 1980s.

“We who were there on the battlefield for 30 months , we will know how to deal with separatists so that they can understand, “Buhari wrote in the removed post. He referred to a war in which at least one million people were massacred.

Many Nigerians are circumventing the ban by using virtual private networks to access Twitter, the New York Times reported on Saturday, adding that the platform is extremely it is popular with the population, as activists are organized here and protest movements against the government start from here. Meanwhile, CNN said the government had instructed the authorities to arrest and bring such Twitter users to justice.

“We are deeply concerned about the blocking of Twitter in Nigeria. Free and #OpenInternet access is a fundamental human right. in modern societies, “Twitter said on Saturday. “We will work to restore access to all those in Nigeria who rely on Twitter to communicate and keep in touch with the world.”

Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites are trying to work out how best to deal with it. the controversial positions of politicians. Twitter, for example, must have definitively banned former US President Donald Trump because of its violent tweets. Facebook suspended Trump indefinitely this year and announced on Friday that Trump’s Facebook suspension will last at least until 2023.

Last month, the state of Florida approved a law fining Twitter, Facebook, Google and other technology companies for removing politicians from their site.

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