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The words of the Prophet on the matter of India… Why? should We incite: Bangladesh

The debate over insulting references to the Prophet is an internal affair of India and government in Dhaka need Minister of Information and Broadcasting of Bangladeshi Dr. Hassan Mahmoud said here on Saturday.

“Or not of All of this is external issue (for Bangladesh). This is the issue of India, no of Bangladesh. Mahmoud said in an informal meeting with a group of Visiting journalists from India news Organizations including The Indian Express.

Mahmoud congratulated the Indian authorities for After taking action in Subject – one BJP spokesperson suspended, the other one was dropped from membership- He will not “ignite” issue in addition to.

Asked if the silence of Dhaka when over Muslim Dozen countries Organization of 57 countries of The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) has needed or issued statements of Mahmoud said:

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“We are not compromising in Which way Absolutely. We strongly condemn any insult to the Holy Prophet whenever and wherever it occurred. But the government of India has taken action and we thank them for He. She. We congratulate the government of India. Now the law will take its course.”

Insulting the Prophet is not much of a issue in Bangladesh Minister said. “so why should I pitted, why should lit issue? Did it not get enough attention?already)? “My job is not to ignite,” he said.

There have been some protests by Islamic groups in Dhaka on Friday including one outside The city’s main Mosque. Opposition parties and Islamic groups in You attacked Bangladesh government’s failure to criticize Modi government.

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Bangladesh government However, it remained steady on refusal to provoke; on Friday Mahmoud who he is also a senior office-pregnant of The country’s ruling Awami League party warned in a party Meeting in Gaibandha in Northern Bangladesh that strict action will be taken against anyone creating ‘Dumbbling or unnecessary agitation’, local media mentioned.

We do not tolerate abuse of any religion anyone trying to create chaos in this country over accidents of else countriesIt will be controlled with Hands of Iron,” the Daily Star quoted the minister as saying.

in dhaka on Saturday evening was Mahmoud also Asked for comments made From time to time against Bangladesh alleged “infiltrators” by senior political figures in India. He responded that these leaders may have had domestic political motives, and that Bangladesh was not too concerned about their statements.

“Because of home politics Maybe they said… Politicians say many things for Reasons of home politics. We don’t ask for Explanations, we understand… We don’t. need to me give Mahmoud said.

The relationship between Bangladesh and India has reached new Driving heights of The minister said Prime Ministers Hasina and Modi. He expressed gratitude to people and the government of India for stands up with Bangladesh during the country’s war of Release in 1971.

“The soldiers of India shed their blood for The people of Bangladesh. You (India) opened your doors and hearts to us people. The relationship between peoples of Born in Bangladesh and India out of ash of War and fake in Our blood. we indeed He said.

While some challenges remainAnd there is still a lot of ground to cover to realize full Ability of trade And the links between the two countries”Modi government She was always supportive of Bangladesh in Mahmoud said.

In response to a question about the long-awaited Testa agreement to share water between the two countries countriesand whether it will affect the planned visit of Prime Minister Hasina to India later this yearsaid the Minister: “On Testa, problem is interrupt government (of West Bengal), not Central government…so the Prime Minister can visit India even if Testa is not over yet. But I hope it is issue will be resolved. we want The problem to find the solution. Not resolved yet not because of Center government (of India).”


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