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The White House involves 30 countries in the fight against extortion viruses

The first meeting will take place this month, which will be hosted by the United States and will be held virtually, the Biden government said. The so-called “Counter-Ransomware Initiative” aims to create an informal mechanism to increase collaboration and combat virtual currency misuse to launder ransom payments cleanly, officials said. , including areas operating critical infrastructure such as hospitals and pipelines. The attacks, presumably mainly from Russia and other Eastern European entities, were mostly against the United States.

In September, the Biden government imposed sanctions on Suex, a cryptocurrency service registered in the Czech Republic. . Deputy Finance Minister Wally Adeyemo said he “facilitated transactions involving illicit revenues for at least eight extortion virus variants.”

This summer, President Joe Biden handed Russian President Vladimir Putin a list of 16 critical infrastructure sectors. , which are allegedly forbidden to hackers. However, since the meeting, U.S. hospitals and companies in the food supply chain have been attacked by blackmail virus gangs that, according to cyber security experts, run their operations from Russia. Targets are sometimes special For example, a cooperative of Iowa corn and soybean growers had to shut down its systems after being attacked in September by a so-called BlackMatter extortion program.

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