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The WhatsApp group Muslim girls warn over Burqa removed, police say watch threat

members of Whatsapp group I threatened in the name of the Muslim Defense Force to act against Muslim girls for burqa removal in public Places.

The group They said they would hit up girls who burqa removal in public Places.

Whatsapp group It became called “Islamic Defense Force” under the scanner for Messages in The group that threaten work against Muslim girls for burqa and hijab removal in public Places.

the message in Kannada reading: We have seen a lot in the basements of the mall wearing Burqa and misbehavior. Our workers have already warn them. If this is seen againYou will be beaten, up.

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The group she has also Requested parents to monitor children Whenever they go to college and so on public Places.

the message also Revealed that MDF workers ‘watch’ Muslim girls in Mangalore for Any “misconduct”. If they are not wearing Burqa and hit up and one of Read texts.

In response to the incident, Mangalore Police Commissioner Shashi Kumar said they are monitoring the threatening messages on social media Platforms related to the Islamic Defense Force.

Police advised parents to ensure they children Don’t remove the burqa in public Places for Selfies and photos where members can attack them of Muslim group.

One WhatsApp group She claims to be the protector of Muslim rights. They say this is a Muslim women who wear burqa in public Places should don’t take it out To take photos and selfies in public places, or will be attacked. They have sent messages to parents on social media. “So we were vigilant about that,” the commissioner said.


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