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The Webcast of Frank Ocean’s Performance at Coachella has been Canceled

The highly anticipated headlining set that Frank Ocean was scheduled to perform tonight at Coachella will not be live streamed.

The Webcast of Frank Ocean's Performance at Coachella has been Canceled_

The set, planned to place as usual at the time of posting, has been removed from the schedule of Coachella performances that will be streamed on YouTube. This implies that the only people who can witness Ocean perform are those physically at Coachella.

Following the report’s publication, YouTube issued a statement on Twitter stating that “Frank Ocean is not scheduled to appear on the Coachella live stream.”

It has been six years since Frank Ocean last performed live, and he will headline Coachella this year. His most recent performance was in August of 2017 in Finland at the Flow Festival.

Also, according to a post on Instagram that Stereogum shared, items sold by Frank Ocean would not be accessible at the festival.

The live feed of Bjork’s performance at Coachella has also been removed from the streaming schedule, joining that of Frank Ocean’s performance. Kali Uchis is scheduled to be the final act on the main stage of Coachella to have a live webcast of their set.

The third and final day of the Coachella music festival is going to be closed out by Frank Ocean. Bad Bunny became the first Latin and Spanish-language artist to headline the California festival when he performed on the event’s opening day. He was also the headliner for the first day. His performance as the main act was a full extravaganza in the style of Bad Bunny, complete with jaw-dropping visuals, guest performers, and other elements. Here, you can relive some of the most memorable parts of his headlining show at Coachella.

The Webcast of Frank Ocean's Performance at Coachella has bee n Canceled_

K-pop megastars BLACKPINK were the headliners for day two of the first weekend of Coachella weekend one. They are the first Korean group to lead the California event list since they performed at the Sahara Tent in 2019. In addition to the exciting performances that the group delivered, each member also got opportunities to shine during solo stages. Please have a look at the rest of their record-setting performance here.

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