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The Vice Chancellor of Cambridge warns that private schools must come to terms with the fact that fewer students will come to Oxbridge.

Private schools must recognize that they place fewer students at Oxbridge, Vice Chancellor of Cambridge warned.

Professor Stephen Toop said that the “premium” associated with independent learning was in decline.

He said that the increase in consumption of Public School children in Cambridge – rising from 68.7% in 2019 up to 72 percent last year – was “real progress”.

Heads of private schools criticized the presentation of independent institutions against their state counterparts.

They claim that private schools helped set up public schools and that many public school students were from wealthy families.

However, Robert Halfon, chairman of the Tory of The Special Committee on Education stated that the status quo is “not the level playing field” and more change is necessary for ensure “meritocracy”.

Professor Toop, Canadian who leaves him post told The Times in September this year: “I would never come in from outside and say system fundamentally wrong and must be completely overthrown.

“I would say that we should continue to do this very, very clear we are going to reduce over time number of people who come from independent school to places like Oxford or Cambridge.

“We do this by greeting others, not by telling them people we are not want you. Individual students who talented, we want them, but they will compete against ever-increasing pool because it is more public school students who see potential place for yourself at Cambridge, Oxford or other Russell Group universities.”

Approximately 7% enroll in private schools of children proportion for sixth grade students are thought to make up about 12 percent.

public school students made up 72 percent of Cambridge reception last September. Set of public schools up from 70.6% in 2020 and 68.7% in 2019.

cambridge standard set Agency for Higher Education Statistics, although not official goal was for 76 percent of public school students in 2020.

Professor Toop, a Harvard graduate, said he “didn’t big fan of social engineering projects” and that moving away from independent schools was a process that would “change over time”.

He said that Cambridge could present new metrics including enrollment in primary school and eligibility for free school meals because public school attendance was not an accurate measure of socio-economic background.

Prof Troop also scholarships are welcome for black students who were funded rapper Stormzy, who helped to expand the circle of participants.

He told The Times: “We don’t address all these problems just having more people coming from public schools. we are much more interested in looking at the data on deprivation and free school meals, which we think give us the best picture.”

But Barnaby Lenon, Chairman of Board of Independent Schools and former head of Harrow, told the paper: “Contextual confessions are only the sensible part of in selection process if they are applied properly. It’s a pity that this debate is so often portrayed as independent versus state.”

He said independent schools stand by their state counterparts and responsible for helping the best universities to choose from a wider area.


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