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The US will stop testing anti-satellite anti-satellite systems; calls for global agreement

A Standard Missile-3 (SM-3) is launched from the USS Lake Erie aircraft carrier on an inactive National Reconnaissance Agency satellite. on February 20, 2008 as anti-satellite weapon

US Department of Defense

United States government made a commitment to end practice of anti-satellite missile test, Vice President Kamala Harris announced on Monday calling other countries follow This lead.

Anti-satellite weapons, or ASAT, test This military demonstration in what spaceship in orbit destroyed using rocket system. Historically, countries that have conducted ASAT tests have done so based on their own assets in space.

Plans for in move we set late last yearafter Russian military destroyed failed satellite with anti-satellite system on 15th of November. Russian test created thousands of parts of debris in low Earth orbit and sent astronauts on The International Space Station in the shelter as it passed through the debris field.

During Harris first meeting in December as Chairman of National Space Council, Vice President in charge group to work with other agencies and create proposals that would establish new national safety standards in space.

US ASAT commitment that matches with Harris tour of Vandenberg Space Force Base in California on tuesday, notes first step of it’s an effort. The White House emphasized that “the United States is first nation to make such a declaration” to put an end to such ordeals.

To date, four countries – USA, Russia, China and India – have destroyed them satellites in ASAT tests. United States last destroyed satellite in 2008 with The US Navy fires a modified SM-3 missile that intercepted a malfunctioning National Reconnaissance Agency USA-193 satellite.

Separately, the White House continued to promote the Artemis Accord, international agreement on space collaboration developed by NASA and the State Department under the Trump administration. To date 18 countries signed agreements with nine joining since President Joe Biden took office.


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