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The unveiling of the new Shivaji-inspired banner | India latest news

Kochi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on The naval ensign was unveiled Friday at the commissioning ceremony of The aircraft carrier INS Vikrant, with The new Flag drawing inspired by the seal of Maratha King Shivaji Maharaj and the Cross of Drop St. George – A move Which the Prime Minister described as getting rid of them of the burden of Colony past.

The new The flag is made of The national Science in the above left Canton, dark blue golden octagon in the center of The fly, octagonal blue shape with The national emblem Sitting above anchor, superimposed on a shield.

under the shieldInside the octagon, engraving the logo of Indian Navy “Sam no Varuna” (Prayer to God of Sea, Varuna).

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“The design It is included inside the octagon taken from the Indian naval emblem, where there is the rotten anchor, which is also linked with The colonial legacy has been replaced with a clear Anchor confirms resilience of Indian Navy. The double octagonal border is inspired by Shivaji Maharaj Rajmodra or the seal of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, one of Notable Indian Kings with futuristic marine outlook, who built Reliable naval fleet earned Reluctantly admiration of the European Navy operating in The region At that time, the Navy said in a permit.

This is the fifth change in Naval Ensign since 1950.

Modi spoke about Indian naval traditions and naval capabilities. Chhatrapati Veer Shivaji Maharaj said, built like this navy on Power of This sea power that kept enemies on their toes. When the British came to India, they were intimidated by power of Indian ships and trade through them. So they decided to break back of Indian Navy power. History watched on how Strict restrictions have been imposed on Indian ships and merchants enact a law in British Parliament at that time, the Prime Minister said.

Note that on Historical history of September 2, 2022, India has taken off impact and burden of bondage. “So far the identity of the shadow of slavery on Science of Indian Navy. But from today onwards, inspired by Chhatrapati Shivaji, new Marine flag will fly in sea ​​and in The sky, Moody said.

The ensign of the Navy has so far been the Cross of Saint George set on White background with The national emblem Placed at the intersection and the Indian flag in the above left Quadrant.

the patron saint of Lived in England, Saint George in and 3 century It is still being determined with ideals of Honor and courage.

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The Saint George’s Cross was dropped from the naval ensign earlier as well.

The banner of the Navy from 1950 to 2001 was the Saint George’s Cross on White background with The national Science in upper canton. she was changed in 2001 Indian Banner only displayed the Indian flag and naval emblem, bringing commonalities with media of Indian Army and Indian Air Force that have national Flag and related service marks set on Red and blue backgrounds respectively. In 2004 – according to the following officials problems of Recognition of Indian Warships at Sea – The Navy has returned to its pre-2001 insignia with add of the state emblem placed at the intersection of Cross.

The next they change in The flag was presented in 2014 when the words “Satyamev Jayate” were placed under national emblem in the center of Saint George’s Cross.

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