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The time for hydrogen valleys has come

There is now an almost universal consensus that hydrogen and fuel cell technology are essential for the transition to a climate-friendly, environmentally conscious economy. While battery-powered electrical technology is an effective solution for shorter journeys – especially in cars, application in trucks can raise issues as the solution is too heavy and expensive for commercial transportation. According to a recent study by Roland Berger, pure hydrogen can make a significant contribution to promoting carbon neutrality in areas such as the steel industry, the chemical industry or mobility. Hydrogen and its synthetic fuels, as storage media, may also play an important role in the future regulation of renewable electricity systems. technology. Fuel cells operate more efficiently than internal combustion engines because they can convert the chemical energy in the fuel directly into electrical energy and the propulsion engines are also much quieter. In addition, hydrogen-based fuel cells emit only water, no carbon dioxide or other harmful substances as combustion or by-products, so they do not generate smog.

“The share of hydrogen in the global energy mix in 30 years’ time more than 20 percent, “said Frigyes Schannen, Roland Berger’s Hungarian partner.

In addition to curbing global warming, hydrogen can reduce emissions from the combustion of fossil fuels such as nitrogen oxides and sulfur dioxide. local emissions, as it can be used not only in mobility but also in manufacturing. Achieving all this, however, will require significant market and public investment and, in some cases, the construction of entirely new value chains. In this context, the concept of the “hydrogen valley” is also key.

The widespread use of hydrogen is conditional on the implementation of the hydrogen valley concept

and can be implemented in structure: local, small-scale and mobility-focused projects are important; local, medium and industrial user-focused initiatives; as well as large-scale and export-oriented value chains. According to Roland Berger, the hydrogen valley concept is facing significant development. More than 85% of the initiatives examined were still in one of the initial development phases and less than 15% were fully implemented. Almost all hydrogen valleys are involved in hydrogen production, covering 85% of storage, transformation, and transportation. Half of the hydrogen valleys also produce the primary energy needed for hydrogen production from renewable energy sources. The concept is undoubtedly becoming more widespread worldwide, with two-thirds of the hydrogen valleys currently located in Europe, while 13% in the Americas and 22% in the Asia-Pacific region. Most projects typically have an investment volume of up to € 100 million, but there are also large-scale projects with an investment budget of € 1 billion

they become more and more mature. They are expected to reach their full potential by the middle of the decade, as most will reach the implementation or operational phase by this time. Once commissioned, hydrogen valleys will be able to expand their activities in large numbers and develop collaborations with neighboring valleys. With a possible increase in the carbon tax, the focus may increasingly shift from mobility to the supply of clean hydrogen to more carbon-intensive industries, as reducing the CO2 emissions of these industries may have a greater impact.

It is also essential for Hungary

“In preparation for this, it is important to establish the European connection of the possible Hungarian hydrogen valleys, which are also designated by the National Hydrogen Strategy,” emphasized Frigyes Schannen

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