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The terrifying whisper story of the September 11 attacks in Washington and New York

Tuesday, September 11, 2001 began as normal in the United States, like other days, especially since its President, George Bush, received a security briefing the previous day in which the CIA told him, what other security briefings also told him, from the FBI and others, summarizing the absence of Any great danger befalls the largest country in the world and its new president.

However, the most famous intelligence and security reports in the world are not always right. The morning after the security briefings, which is the one that will pass next Saturday 20 years since In it, Bush visited a middle school for children in Sarasota, Florida, and sat looking at what the students of one of the classes were doing, according to what we see in the video broadcast by “Al Arabiya.net” below, in which we find one of them suddenly appeared in the scene shown at the time on television screens in a broadcast direct, then he approached the president’s ear, and in a few words the most famous whisper in modern history was born, and it was terrifying.

Before entering where the students are in class, Bush was sitting in the school hall, waiting outside the classroom for an appointment to meet them, And when he got up to enter, he saw on a nearby TV, a “small plane.” It collides with one of the 110-storey towers of the World Trade Center in New York. At first glance, it was thought what millions of people saw in urgent news broadcast by American and other televisions, which is that it is small for training and the like, and it experienced a malfunction, until a second plane crashed into the second tower of the “Center” World Trade” in the city, and here a whisper in his ear entered him that it was a passenger plane like the first, and that “America is under attack, perhaps a terrorist,” as he said.

He didn’t know where

The whisperer Andrew Card was chief of staff of the White House from 2001 to 2006 under the Bush era, as well as the head of the “Iraq Group” under him as well. As for the whisper, from it the president knew what made his features change quickly, so he appeared in the video stunned silent, and his pupils widened, and he did not know where to look and what to do among the children. For life.

The first plane, “Boeing 767” belonging to American Airlines, was hijacked by 5 elements, out of 19 recruited by “Al-Qaeda” to carry out a cocktail of suicide operations, and they were led by the Egyptian Mohamed Atta. The North Tower was penetrated at 8.46 am, followed by 3 hijacked planes, one of the same model and belonging to the same company, which crashed 17 minutes later into the South Tower, and the two towers collapsed in a scene that appeared on TV screens as if from a world war that suddenly broke out with a nuclear attack.

The terrifying whisper story of the September 11 attacks in Washington and New York

The terrifying whisper story of the September 11 attacks in Washington and New York
In minutes, 2,973 people died, of whom 2,753 were in New York alone

*) A third hijacked plane, “Boeing 757”, also belonging to “American Airlines” crashed into the wall of the Pentagon building in Arlington County, Virginia And a fourth of its model, belonging to the American company, United Airlines, crashed with 80 passengers on it in a plain in Pennsylvania, before it reached its target, believed to be the White House in Washington, in successive attacks that no one expected, killing 2,973 people, including 2,753 in New York alone. And with it, the world has changed, and it is still witnessing its consequences until now.

Yesterday, the American Fox News Network published the results of a survey it conducted, which included 1,002 people, and Al-Arabiya.net viewed it on its website, summarizing that 64 % of Americans believe that the attacks changed life in their country forever, while 24% said that they caused temporary changes, and only 9% considered that they did not change anything at all.

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