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The task force will check the illegal connection to the water supply


Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah has instructed the Karachi Water and Sewerage Board (KWSB) to deliver in place effective monitoring system in main source, bulk water supply, main and on the wiring system to be able to keep accurate records made.

“Currently the water board has hypothetical numbers of water entering the free supply to the wiring system.”

He said this while chairing over meeting of KWSB here at CM House on Sunday. The meeting was attended by provincial ministers – Saeed Ghani, Nasir Shah, Sharjil Memon, Chief Secretary Sohail Rajput, P&D Chairman Hassan Naqvi, PSCM Fayaz Jatoi, LG Secretary Najam Shah, Special Assistant CM Waqar Mahdi, KWSB Vice Chairman Najmi Alam, Karachi Commissioner Iqbal Memon, former KWSB MD Asadullah Khan, MD Water Board Farida Salam, Chief Engineers and others concerned.

Local government secretary Najam Shah informs the chief minister said that KWSB

The infrastructure started from Kinjkhar Lake to the water supply system, which included GK, K-II, K-III, Dhabeji pumping station, Pipri, water supply pipelines and pipes through which water entered tanks and pumps, then it went to main water barrel and then he was distrusted through system.

Main minister asked for water board senior officials, if they installed meters on main source – Kinjhar, head plant in Gujo, pumping station in Dhabeji, Forebay and/or its filtration plants. for KI & K-II and COD for K-III. reply of water board the engineers were in negative. At the same time, the chief minister came to the conclusion that the numbers were meant of receiving water and line losses or of theft of the waters were hypothetical.

CM sent KWSB to start installation of meters to measure water withdrawn from Kinjhar prior to distribution system so that accurate figures can be obtained for calculating the water received in start of in system and line losses.

Shah also directed the water board draw up a water distribution plan for the city in compliance with in view in population of in area. “If the city has more populationThis should be given more water than in a city where there is less population,” he said.

CM said similar meter system should be installed directly from the Hub source before it is distributed system in District West.

Target group

Main minister represents a challenge force conduct operations against illegal connections, illegal hydrants, leaks, losses. target group start its activities within next two days. Local Government Minister Syed Nasir Shah was made head of The task force and its members include the Commissioner Karachi, Supplementary IS Karachi, CM Special Assistant on CMIT Waqar Mehdi, KWSB Vice Chairman Najmi Alam and concerned deputy commissioners where the operation will be carried out. The task force will be assigned police, rangers and other anti-encroachment officials to carry out the task of rooting out illegal connections, hydrants and repairing waste.

CM also instructed KWSB to prepare a system for monitoring and recording data. Display of areas founded on existing demand and delivery can also be installed with in help of NED University. Alternative design for sufficient water supply for all areas based on population demand using hydraulic modeling was way forward to resolve water issue of in city. He also directed the water board develop a GIS based application for water resources management for Water supply KVSB system.

Shah said there is need for collection of observed supply data from KWSB for bulk and city level and there should map of Team area of each groundwater level management (WTM). He also issued directives for purchase of cards for water supply systems for modeling, selection of corresponding models for using observed data, using models for grade of current situation of water supply and identification of water-efficient, water-deficient and non-water-supply areas.

Scorched areas get help

CM Shah pays attention of lack of drinking water in extreme areas of right bank of The Indus River ordered the irrigation department to drain the water immediately in appropriate systems to people and their cattle could drink the water.

Main minister said that people a life on tail of right bank of the river was left run from pole to post collect water.

Main minister instructed the Minister of Irrigation Jam Khan Shoro to take the necessary measures to discharge water in distributors of tail regions of Tatta, Sujawal, Badin and others to people and their cattle could drink. At that time of feed of this newsIrrigation minister confirmed to have flushed water in areas of Thatta and Sujaval, and by Monday evening the situation will improve even more.

Shoro told CM what channels of Sacro Division, Thatta District, which have been detailed for supply of water for drinking destination: Cotri Minor (Gorabari ponds); Cotri Minor (Sanwalpur Ponds); Garho Minor (Garho Ponds); Juho Minor (Ponds of Keti Bunder); Nagwa Minor (Ponds of Sacro City); Sacro Branch (Gulamullah city ponds); Nari Chach Lower (Thatta city ); Nari Chach Lower (Makli city ponds); and Jam Branch (Gujo city ).

In addition to the above major cities, drinking water was made available in all channels of sacro division during the rotation program of from April 25 to May 7, 2022, the Minister of Irrigation confirmed.

Published in Express Tribune, May 9th.th2022.

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