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The Taliban sees no problem in sending an army personnel to India

Afghanistan is allpowerful Defense Minister Mulla Yacoub, son of Taliban founder Mullah Omar says ready to send Afghan army personnel to India for military learning, saying that they “have no issue with It”.

He made these comments in exclusive interview with India News 18 TV channel to the question whether the Taliban are ready to send their army officers to India for military preparation.

Yes, we don’t see any issue with It. Afghan-Indian relations are strengthening and set Earth for this is. There will be no questions with this,” he remarked.

When you would ask current mode in Afghanistan wish have close ties to the defense with India, said Mulla Yaqub first They wanted establish strong diplomatic relations with all countries including India. “When we have warm political and diplomatic relations with each other, only then will we be ready to for defense relations. Neither will there be any problem with and we don’t see it issue with it’s him added.

Talking about country ties with Other countriesMullah Yakub said they want warm relationship with all countries of in the world especially neighboring countries including India. “We want good and warm relationship with India, and we hope that India will reciprocate and support good connections in many aspects with us”.

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Protection minister also urged India and Pakistan resolve their concerns through dialogue, stating that the Taliban administration is not want to intervene in bilateral issues of sworn neighbors-rivals.

“We will not allow Pakistan in use Afghanistan soil against India and we will not allow India in use Afghanistan soil against Pakistan,” he said in response to a question over alleged presence of terror outfits on Afghan land.

“We want warm relationship with both countries and not want interfere or intervene in Problems of two countries. We are an independent country and our foreign policy guided by our national interests.”


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