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The Spotify Annual Review 2021 is here! This is what he looks like this time

The top artists are among the classics of retrospectives on Spotify. (Photo: Spotify)

December is here, and it not only heralds the run-up to Christmas with advent calendars and gift orders, but also the time to look back over the year. The supposedly funniest, strangest or most drastic points of the year are waiting, neatly packaged in list form, for us to review them again.

The music streaming service Spotify is no exception. “The annual review is here” announces the website of the provider in bright colors. However, the compilation is only available in the app version.

Music fans could already get artists in the summer which, according to Spotify, should match their sun, moon and zodiac signs, the app now presents the details and patterns of the collected, personal music consumption in the past year. Lovesickness, birthday mood or romantic evenings: Spotify is digging up the musical accompaniment of the last few months again.

Spotify year in review: These new features await you

The summary offers are particularly popular because they are shared on social media in numerous stories and feeds – this year this will also happen on TikTok for the first time. As Spotify announced in a press release, there are also some new features. In “My 2021: The Film”, a person’s most popular songs are combined “with moving images to create an individual film”. “Meine Audio-Aura” builds an “individual aura” from tempo, mood and style and with “Playing Cards” you have to filter out the three statements of the app that do not apply to your listening habits.

With another person, a joint annual review mix can be put together, and for some users: thank you videos from Artists: artists or podcast hosts who have heard them this year appear in the app.

Spotify “Wrapped”: This is how the annual review works

In addition to the new functions, there is, as usual, information on the personal top 5 songs and musicians, the most popular genres, new discoveries and the total listening time. In 2016 the streaming service introduced the “Wrapped” review for the first time, and in 2018 the feature appeared in the app.

However, all 365 days of the year are not included in the evaluation, Wrapped works with the data that Spotify users leave on the platform from January 1st to October 31st.

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