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The special status of Kashmir will not return, says GN Azad at the rally

Dream of Nabi Azad addressing a crowd in Ramallah Casmir.


Former Congress Party leader Ghulam Nabi Azad, who he is set To launch his own outfit policy on Sunday said Article 370 of The constitution, which granted greater autonomy to Jammu and Kashmir and was abolished by the BJP three years ago. government In the center, can not be restored.

in first public Meeting in Mr Azad in Baramulla in North Kashmir targeted regional parties for “misleading peopleThrough their promises to pay for Recovery of Article 370.

“The boy of the Prophet Azad will not go astray anyone. For votes, I will not deceive you and take advantage of you. Please don’t light a fire up Unattainable issues. 370 can not be restored. It requires a two-thirds majority in Mr. Azad said Parliament in fiery speech

He said Congress is “going down” with All elections and there is no party in India who can get the majority in parliament and restore Article 370.

The former The congressional leader said he would launch his campaign party in Jammu and Kashmir inside next 10 days up”fight politics of Exploitation and falsehood.

“The politics of Exploitation led to killing of one lakh people in Kashmir. You have been orphaned five lakh children And the caused Mr Azad said:

He said he came to Jammu and Kashmir” fight against Exploitation and falsehood even if it harmed his political prospects.”

Mr. Azad’s position is at odds with Most regional parties in Jammu and Kashmir, including the Congress, which signed the agreement campaign for Recovery of Article 370 – granted special State authorities.

“It is another deception that must be provoked people for Excitement and kill them. As long as Azad is alive, I will fight against falsehood. You will have to kill me if you want “Silence this idea,” Mr. Azad said.

The veteran Politician, who resign from Congress last The promised month people he prefers fight for What can be achieved, which is says is restore of the country and protection of Jobs and lands for population of Jammu and Kashmir.

I will not raise influential slogans for winning seats. We’ll have to fight for Recovery of nation. That’s why there is no need for “A constitutional amendment,” Mr. Azad said.

he is also I targeted him former partysaying that only congressional defectors known as the G-23 were part of it who may happen out against The changes for the status of Kashmir in parliament.

He once said the state restoredthe state government can make laws for protection of Jobs and lands for population of Jammu and Kashmir and these two issues do not do that need consent of parliament.

The former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Try to strike a chord with people by invoking it work on human rights and development in The union Lands that have been downgraded to A union The area three years ago when special Status revoked.

Mention people how Prevent fake confrontations and punished Police officers guilty during his tenure Chief Minister.

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