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The secret of “Omicron”… This is simply what the name of the new mutant means

While the world, doctors and experts are busy searching for the details of the new mutant from Corona, which was described as worrying, thousands of followers of the epidemic’s developments wondered why it was called “Omicron.”

What does “Omicron” mean?

However, the secret of the name given by the World Health Organization yesterday to the new multi-mutated mutant, seems to be very simple. And the fifteenth letter in its alphabet.

As for why this letter was called the new dynasty, the answer is also easy.

The Greek alphabet

Since the emergence of Covid 19 in late 2018, the United Nations organization has used letters from the Greek alphabet, such as “alpha, beta, gamma and delta”, in order to name the mutagens that have surfaced.

And a spokesman for the organization explained earlier, when rumors began circulating about the appearance of a mutant called “Hehe” in the China – It turned out later to be just an unfounded rumor – that a team of specialists affiliated with the World Organization recommended the use of Greek letters to make it easier for non-specialists.

It is reported that an advisory committee of the World Health Organization announced yesterday that the new mutant, which was discovered for the first time in southern Africa, is highly contagious and worrisome, calling it “Omicron”.

While a European health agency later announced that the risk of its spread in Europe is “high to very high.”

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