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The road to 2024 | Brand Modi: Forward of Polls, a new packagea new dictionary

On the eighth anniversary of Narendra Modi government, BJP and NDA government start on Hectic activities, mostly of and he Aiming to put party definitely on The road to 2024. as part of This trip is away from political activities of The party and the governmentThere are subtle but concerted efforts to shape the image of Prime Minister Modi in it of a more moderate statesman-like leader.

Consider these PM Modi comments – they are all dumped in The space of less than a month, with some even in cost of The Prime Minister takes a markedly different position than that of else senior Leaders:

* With Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Knesset Member, Stalin up The issue of Indian allegedly imposing Modi while speaking in front of a rally in Tamil Nadu on May 26, Tamils ​​described as ‘eternal’ language and tamil cultureglobalThe prime minister’s remarks came a few weeks after the interior minister, Amit Shah, was relocated in The Parliamentary Official Language Commission said that Hindi should be the official language to unify the country.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi receives a warm welcome during his visit to Chennai. (PTI)

* On May 12, addressing beneficiaries of center-run charts in In Gujarat, Modi hinted that he is ready for The third term, saying: “It is not enough that I should Rest now, (thinking) that all that happened is good. my number dream It is saturation … achieve your goal 100 per cent. get the government Machines in the habit, the creation of faith in Citizens.” Focus of Prime Minister’s speech, unusually for A country committed to suffrage, remains on care measures.

* last week, again in In Gujarat, Modi confirmed that he was working on Achieve dreams of Mahatma Gandhi and Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. “Mahatma Gandhi wanted India in Which poor, dalits, tribes and women They are empowered, with hygiene and health being a part of life where economy Based on on Local and country solutions is Atmanirbhar government I worked for all of these in The last eight years.

* On May 29, in Episode 89 of His radio address Mann ki Baat, Modi again confirmed on Diversity of Languages ​​and texts – clear Getting out of “one language one Nation ‘or’ Hindi as a unit of language metaphor of else senior leaders.

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* At a time when the countries ruled by the Bharatiya Janata Party were keen on this in they use of Sedition law to control it down on The split of the Union Ministry of the Interior in An affidavit to the Supreme Court said Prime Minister Modi had expressed it clear Unmistakable points of view in favor of Protect civil liberties and respect for Human rights are believed to be outdated colonial laws not place in The country celebrates its seventy-fifth anniversary year of independence. On April 30, at a joint conference of Prime Ministers and President justices of In the Supreme Courts, Modi said the laws were “irrelevant.” for The common citizens” should Canceled.

While Moody, barely two years later in power wake up of his house and international The audience made similar degree in In 2016, these new attempts to repackage the Modi brand come at a time when officials as well as strategists of judgment party worried about the effect of The current condition of The economy on Moody’s photo.

For the BJP, despite all its aggressive political activities and expansion programmes, Modi is the only party sure-fire trump card for The election. Although claiming that her success in Help implement welfare plans party in In the recent assembly elections, BJP leaders admit that win I was made possible just because of Moody’s photo. “Without Modi, the BJP could be in special problem with Inflation and unemployment hurt government deeply,” said A senior minister last week.

with the party eager to project mody as ‘best He was the prime minister of India ever – for that competition has always been with Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru – BJP leaders have already I started to multiply down.

Last week, Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai, in response to Congress leader Siddharramaya’s statement that Modi has invalidated everything of Nehru”good He said, “Obviously he (Modi) cannot be compared to him with Nehru, because when China invaded India (in 1962), without taking appropriate measures, Nehru ceded the border areas while Narendra Modi stood strong and saved them.”

Asked about BJP government not completed tasks Before of eight-year anniversary, senior Bharatiya Janata office pregnant who enjoy proximity To drive RSS, address unemployment remains a big challenge for The government.

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with the ukraine war creating Hurdles on The road to achieving the projected GDP of 7 percent growthOfficials on promotional increase. According to some officials, “the government’s campaign So aggressive that it seems like There are elections next yearInterestingly, most of These activities are not paid ministriesbut by NITI Aayog and the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO), indicating a conscious effort by the top leadership to strengthen the government’s image.

On the level of the organization party It is launching a two-week wide-ranging outreach program from Tuesday that will include Union Ministers, office bearers, ministers of state and prime ministers, who You are expected to communicate how Modi governmentSocial welfare programs have impacted people’s lives of people.

However, it remains Let’s see if the prime minister is appointed by the BJP on The pedestal will be lowered to the level of Ordinary leaders, as is often the case with the approach of elections – when to withdraw out Different rules of play, when his tone becomes more intense and strict.

condition in The point is the recent UP Council elections, when the BJP campaign Managers said Modi strictly instructed them to focus on Dossier party’s campaign on Welfare programs and Yogi Adityanath government developmental activities. However, when it was his turn, Modi attacked the Samajwadi Party for “Protecting the terrorists” to protect its “electoral bank”.

With two years left for Elections 2024 The question is: Is this new Packaging hold?


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