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‘The right thing from the right wing’

Shashi Tharoor retweeted Khusbu Sundar’s post while praising her. (a file)

New Delhi:

in rare praise for Another party, Congress Party Leader MP Shashi Tharoor today commended his counterpart former Fellow BJP Leader Khushbu Sundar over Her tweet criticizing the early release of Convicts in the Belkin Banu case.

All eleven convicts, who they were facing life sentence in Gujarat granted early release to Bilkeis Banu Ganjrapi case government advance this month. criticism move Widely criticized by opposition parties, Ms Sundar said such incidents were an “affront to humanity and femininity”.

Mr Tharoor praised the BJP leader and said he was proud to see the BJP leader stand up for “The right thing, not the right.”

“Listen, khushsundar! Proud to see you standing up up for The right thing, not the right” post of Mrs. Sundar, former Congress leader.

“a woman who She was raped, assaulted, brutalized and her soul mutilated for You must get a life justice. There is no human who was involved in He. She should be free. If he does, this is an insult to humanity and femininity. #BilkisBano or any woman needs supportbehind politics n ideologies. period,” said Mrs. Sundar in her tweet.

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