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The Relationship Between One Piece and Naruto: Rivals or Friends?

One Piece inspired by Naruto? It’s more complicated!

As the One Piece manga approaches its climax, the excitement surrounding it is stronger than ever. This was evident during the summer when the anime aired an episode showcasing Luffy’s new transformation, Gear 5. However, on social media, a user noticed a similarity between one of the Straw Hat captain’s techniques, Gear 3, and Choji’s Baika no Jutsu in Naruto. The tweet in question came from @kishimotomasshi, a parody account and not the official account of Naruto’s author Masashi Kishimoto. In the tweet, @kishimotomasshi shared an excerpt from a 2015 interview between Kishimoto and Eiichiro Oda published in Weekly Shonen Jump, where Oda jokingly admitted to being inspired by Choji’s technique when creating Luffy’s Giant Pistol technique.

Authors who are both rivals and friends

In this light-hearted banter, it becomes clear that the two mangakas, Kishimoto and Oda, share a unique relationship as both rivals and best friends. Oda especially expresses his gratitude towards Kishimoto for allowing One Piece to be published in Weekly Shonen Jump. The two authors often refer to each other in their respective works, showcasing their mutual admiration. Among the notable references is a cover page drawn by Oda for the end of the Naruto manga, where Luffy is seen enjoying ramen while Naruto appears hidden behind Nami. Additionally, the navigator’s dress in One Piece features the Konoha leaf pattern, symbolizing Naruto, while Naruto’s manga includes graffiti of a skull with a straw hat on the statue of Naruto in the village of Konoha, representing Luffy’s crew. These tributes demonstrate the profound influence and impact of both Naruto and One Piece in the history of manga.

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