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The radio DJ you hear may already be a robot

“I may be a robot, but I still love to rock,” says ANDY (Artificial Neural Disk-JockeY) in Chanley’s voice. DJ at a presentation to Reuters, where the sound was hard to distinguish from the speech of a human DJ.

Our various electronic devices have been talking to us for years, but their voices have been robotic so far. Seattle-based AI startup WellSaid Labs says it has created more than 50 real human-voiced avatars so far, like ANDY, who only needs to be given written text to narrate.

Zack Zalon, CEO of Los Angeles-based Super Hi-Fi AI startup, said ANDY will be integrated into their AI platform to automate music production. So instead of a music playlist, ANDY will be able to provide a DJ experience by showcasing and talking about the songs. The next step will be for AI to automate human-generated text as well. “This is the step that we think will take it all to the next level,” Zalon said. “We have a team of content moderators who delete accounts on a weekly basis. If you create content that is not in line with our values ​​and ethical needs, it’s goodbye. It’s so easy for us,” said Martín Ramírez, WellSaid’s head of growth.

Ramírez said that once the voice warehouses have been set up, WellSaid will handle the commercial agreements as requested by the voice owner. WellSaid’s voices are capable of more than just DJ work. According to Ramirez, they are also used in corporate educational materials or even to read audiobooks.

For Chanley, her vocabulary is of extra significance since her second-stage lymphoma was discovered two years ago at the time her voice was recorded. He has recovered from the disease ever since.

“Maybe that was the way my 11 and 6-year-olds, if things didn’t turn out the way I wanted them to, might never forget what my voice was like. “Elvis Presley has been supporting his family for a long time, even after he’s gone. Maybe that’s what will take my kids to college one day,” Chanley said touchedly, according to Mercury News.

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