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The public will react to the “atrocities” against PTI: Imran

  • Calls on supporters back off ‘under any circumstances’
  • Provides temporary collateral in three terrorism cases by 4 April

LAHORE: PTI Chairman Imran Khan Appeals to Anti-Terrorism Court (ATC) Lahore on Saturday to secure temporary bail in three terrorism cases, where he told reporters that public respond to “atrocities against PTI” at the Minar-e-Pakistan party rally urging supporters not to back off “under no circumstances.”

Talking to media outside ATC from his vehicle, Imran said public “Reaction will come today to whatever method they ( government) will use”.

“We will not back off under no circumstances” former the prime minister promised.

He further claimed: “Today I say that they ( government) will see the largest rally in Minar-e-Pakistan in countries history”.

عمران خان سے انسدادِ دہشت گردی عدالت میں خصوصی گفتگو: #حقیقی_آزادی_جلسہ

— PTI (@PTIOfficial) March 25, 2023

The head of the PTI went. on claim that “1800 workers of ours were taken only because they want do the Minar-e-Pakistan rally today success”.

Comparing “current atrocities against PTI” for those who committed in India illegally occupied Jammu, Kashmir and Palestine, Imran criticized government for “using crush PTI by all means” and for “torture and collect up people”.

He further said: “Atrocities are committed, but this fight and jihad for haqiqi azaadi (real Liberty) [so] victims will need be given. I also ready for this is all mine team ready too.”

ATC pays bail in three cases

Earlier, the Lahore ATC granted Imran Khan temporary bail until April 4. in three cases reported at Lahore Hippodrome Police Station -on March 14 and 15 – about the clashes that took place between PTI supporters and the police outside residence of the chief of PTI Zaman Park.

PTI Chairman @ImranKhanPTI attended in ATC Lahore today. Barrister @BrSalmanSafdar attended with to him. #حقیقی_آزادی_جلسہ rice.twitter.com/6UzrCHATI

— PTI (@PTIOfficial) March 25, 2023

ATC Judge Ejaz Ahmad Buttar heard plea while Barrister Salman Safdar showed up in court as imran counsel.

During the hearing, Imran said, “I want be included in investigation. Yes risk of [my] arrest”. He also filed a separate plea getting permission for his car be admitted to the courtroom.

Containers placed in Lahore ahead of Rally PTI

Shipping containers were placed in various locations in Lahore ahead of PTI rally in Minar-i-Pakistan tonight where party Chairman Imran Khan intends to set out his “vision of Haqiqi Azadi”.

In what appeared to be an attempt to block routes leading at PTI power show venue, Dawn.com reporter saw containers placed at the entrance and exit of in the city, including from Shahdara to the Ravi bridge.

The road leading from Data Darbar towards Minar-e-Pakistan is closed. off on both sides the same.

One of V truck drivers who was present at the scene told Dawn.com that he was not compensated in come back for using his truck block roads.

He also said that he was sent by officers from the Shafiqabad police station. who told him that it was “government” [order]and that the truck keys were in V possession of the same police.

“When we entered [the city] last night, the police forcibly made us park vehicles in different locations”.

driver added that he was ordered to have their trucks block the roads until 12 noon tomorrow.

Was also reports that students who should have appeared for institute of I failed to pass the CPA exams due to road closures.

Hayyan Imran, student said he was sitting on bus for hours but the bus couldn’t get to the exam site on the time he was late for his exam.

“Now the examiners won’t let me go in. They say that I was late and the attendance was taken away, ”he complained.

Earlier today former prime minister called on its supporters “defend their right as people of free nation”, taking part in the rally.

He added that PTI will hold its sixth public collection in Minar-e-Pakistan, which, in his opinion, “breaks all records.”

“My heart tells me that it will break all records. I invite everyone in Lahore to attend after Taraweeh prayers. I will give my vision of Haqiqi Azadi and how we will pull pakistan out of conspirators of crooks framed our country inImran said.

Expressing concerns that government may erect barriers to prevent party fans couldn’t get to the venue, Imran claimed it was the fundamental right of V people participate in political assembly.

“Everyone must defend his right as people of a free nation that won their independence and come to Minar-e-Pakistan,” he told his supporters.

According to PTI official Twitter account, the rally will be begin after tarawih prayer at 21:00.

Punjab Police issue threat alert on Imran’s life

In the meantime, the Punjab police issued a threat alert. on Saturday evening, warning that “hostile intelligence agencies (IIA)” were planning to destabilize the country by targeting the PTI and their congregations.

Alert – copy of which available with Dawn.com – Published by CCPO Lahore’s intelligence department, claims that “credible information” it was received that the HIA tried to capitalize on “the prevailing political polarization and law and order situation by targeting leadership and gathering of PTI to destabilize the country creating chaotic situation.

This added that foreign intelligence agencies contacted Jamaat-ul-Ahrar (JuA) commander Mukarram Khurasani to “cause instability in country in any way.

The threat alert also predicted that the JuA commander “may have specifically designated” Imran Khan as a prime target.

Other goals include people gathered at the PTI Chairman’s Residence in Zaman Park, PTI meeting in Minar-e-Pakistan tonight, and also rallies were held out PTI “because they seem like easier targets” added.

The threat alert warned that terrorists might use uniform or vehicle of police or any law enforcement agency “as a deceptive ploy to hit their goals.”

“Other vulnerabilities that attackers could exploit include unregulated crowds. in political events and movement of political workers from the North, especially from tribal areas of KP,” the statement said.

He came to the conclusion that information was “credible and confirmed by various sources”, advising “to be extremely vigilant and increase security”. of PTI political leaders avoid any unpleasant incident.

Imran had on March 13 announced rally in Minar-e-Pakistan – in the same place where he launched his campaign for 2013 election with massive show of power – would take place on March 19, but the Lahore High Court ordered PTI to reschedule the rally and hold dialogue with administration.

Subsequently, the LHC was on March 22 disposed of of petition of PTI is requesting permission to conduct public rally on the spot after party And city administration came to an agreement.

Lahore PTI President Imtiaz Mahmoud, petitioner, applied for acceptance terms and conditions along with his obligation that the rally at the venue will be start on March 25 (today) at 10:00 pm and will end around March 26 at 3:00 am. DC and CCPO accepted the affidavit and undertaking filed petitioner.

PTI chief fired off his election campaign from Lahore at the end of V second a week of March after the fight with intermediate government of Punjab over local government ban on public assembly.

The rally was originally planned for March 11 and March 12, but was postponed after party failed get help from Electoral Commission or Lahore High Court against caretaker punjab government order of imposition Section 144 in provincial capital.

Temporary Punjab government introduced Section 144 in reference to the Pakistan Super League. match in Gaddafi stadium and marathon race in V city. However, in notification on On March 12, the administration cleared PTI to accept out V public rally on Monday (March 13) but mentioned that it would carry “high security”. risk because of general and specific threats against political meetings and previous instance of attack on the ex-prime minister”.


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