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The President calls steps bring out-of-school children to mainstream – pakistan


The President calls steps bring out-of-school children into the mainstream

October 05, 2022


ISLAMABAD (APP) – President Dr. Arif Alvi on Wednesday said the cast street children as well as over 20 million out-of-school children into the stream of formal education was of paramount importance for turning them into valuable and productive human resource.

The president made these remarks while talking to street children under 16 team who will represent Pakistan in Street Kids World Cup, Qatar 2022 and officials of Muslim hands in Ivan-e-Sadr.

The President praised the initiative of Muslim hands for helping the underprivileged children involving them in healthy and creative activities and give them adequate training, education, social and communication skills, confidence and opportunity compete in international level in football tournaments.

Assessing achievements of in team he said what is steps must also be accepted for promotion of Another games like hockey and kabaddi.

He said though government took various steps attract the poor children in healthy activities that required support of in private sector, NGOs and civil society.

He emphasized need for creating possibility environment for unprivileged children giving them with education, training and necessary skill so that they can realize their full potential.

The President announced that the Pakistan Sports Council should attract street children in sports to build their character and confidence and provide them with training to become world class players.

He said that Pakistan is a nation that loves sports. football was equally popular in every corner and corner of country.

He stressed that the promotion of sports could help youth in stress reduction and leading healthy life.

He said that 60 per cent. of in population of the country was of youth and they should be equipped with in latest THIS IS tools and training.

The president also urged the Pakistan Football Federation set put aside their petty differences and inter-federal rivalries and focus on on in development of in game, starting at the grassroots level and engaging as much as possible young players as possible from all over the country, especially the poor children.

He said it would help country in in development of sports ecosystem that will eventually produce world-class players.

Earlier, during a presidential briefing, Raja Arsalan Nusrat, director of the Muslim arms of the British branch, said that over 1000 children in more more than 15 communities were involved across Pakistan in in sports events under the slogan “The right of the child to play”.

He said that football team including of street children will participate in street Youth Football World Cup in Qatar Doha.

The president also handed over over State flag team captain.

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