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The police never tried to open the classroom door. in Uvalda Massacre at Robb Elementary School, Report Says

The police are responding to last month-long mass shooting in Uvalda, Texas, the elementary school did not even try to open the door to the classroom where young children fell into a trap with shooter, according to new report. Citing a law enforcement source San Antonio Express News on Saturday reported that CCTV footage showed no attempts by officers to open the door during the entire 77-minute siege of Robb Elementary School. 19 children and two teachers were killed during this time. As a result of massacre, police claimed involvement of in reason They took it took so long to resist the shooter because the officers could not access class and had to wait for a key. But a law enforcement source said Express News that the shooter, Salvador Ramos, could not lock the classroom door from the inside, and investigators believe it may have been open all the time. In addition, a forced entry tool called the Holligan Bar was used, according to the source. available officers throughout the siege, which would allow them to open even a locked door. Police response to deadly attack is currently is under investigation by the Texas Rangers and the FBI.

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