The pensioner was detained after a village picnic street quarrel goes away one dead

The pensioner was arrested. on suspicion of murder in a small Sussex city on Sunday.

68-year-old was arrested by Sussex police after 49-year- the old man was found unconscious on High Street, Storrington in West Sussex.

The officers were called at 10.05. on Sunday 4 September and the sacrifice was announced dead.

Residents reported two men argued over but the police have not confirmed this detail or whether it is related to the incident.

The victim’s name has not yet been released, but his family supported by experts.

The police believe that this is an isolated case and there is no further development of events. danger to public.

Enhanced police presence in area

representative for Sussex Police reported: “A 68-yearthe old man was arrested on suspicion of murder as well as remains in guarded.

“There is a heightened police presence, including medical examiners. in in area.

“Probably the road will be closed for several hours while the investigation is ongoing.

“Members of dead man family supported by experts.

“This is an isolated case, and no danger to a broader community”.

Initially, the police said the suspect was 78 years old, but later it was stated that he was 68 years old.

Sections of the city was cordoned off off police while staff, including medical examiners, remained at the scene on Sunday evening. The police tent was also spotted in city ​​center.

The police said the road might be closed for several hours while the investigation is ongoing.

Storrington is small town in Horsham district of West Sussex. Picturesque rural town lies on northern tip of South Downs.

Arundel and South Downs MP Andrew Griffith, whose constituency includes Storrington, tweeted:


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