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The Ottoman University refuses to allow Rahul Gandhi to visit the campus

that it one of India’s oldest and richest university history of student politics Going back contracts. But the Ottoman University (OU) reportedly refused to approve former Congress President Rahul Gandhi Visits Campus on May 7 for “non-political” event.

Although the university did not hint decision for the organizers in writingOU . Executive Board reportedly refused on his saturday triggered political storm with Congress impeaches Telangana Rashtra Samethi (TRS) government of Tends on Enterprise to stop Gandhi’s visit. Some students moved to Telangana High Court on the same day, urging her to direct the university to her allow Gandhi visit.

Congress leaders on Sunday said they have applied for So for The event on April 23, that the visit will be “non-political.” in nature. Management official pointing to out That since 2017, the Executive Board has made a decision almost everywhere year Except for non-academic activities, including political meetings, on Campus.

The official . said first This decision has been adopted in June 2017, a year After the state Supreme Court ordered government no allow political and public Meetings on University buildings. Court judgment based on Petition by some students complain of Persistent disturbance due to of political activities.

“circular (in 2017) stated that OU has been established for the purpose of Transfer higher Education Inform teachers and students that non-academic activities such as political meetings will not be permitted on Campus. decision for this effect It was also that has been passed by the OU Executive Board, the university official He said but refused confirm If the permission declined for The event Gandhi was to attend. Other university officials said a political leader’s visit to the campus could not be a non-political programme.

I mentioned the university decision led to protests on Campus. While many youth conference leaders and supporters organized a demonstration at the OU . College of Art on Saturday, Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) and Affiliate Student Societies with The TRS organized counter-protests. Manafta Roy of The Telangana Nirudyog Vidyarthi Joint Action Committee (JAC) said the management has not yet informed the students of that it decision in writing. We expect management to say something on Monday, “Hu added.

MLA Congress of Sangareddy Constituency in Medak District, Gaja Reddy, State charged government of Press OU to stop Rahul Gandhi’s visit to Osmaniye. OU has always been known for student Movements, including Telangana agitation. We made it clear that our leader’s visit is not political, but they made up Their opinion about not allowing it,” he told The Indian Express.

Former MP Rajya Sabha V Hanumantha Rao also Criticize the university and the state government. Rahul Gandhi is scheduled to address a public Meeting in Hanamkonda near Warangal on May 6 and visit Karimnagar.


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