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The organizer of the attack Saddar among two terrorists of the SRA shot dead down in Keamari raid

At the beginning hours of On Wednesday, the counter-terrorism department of Sindh province was shelled. down two alleged terrorists of banned Sindhudesh Revolutionary Army (SRA) who were involved in Saddar’s bombing. CTD officials also found weapons and explosives material from suspects possession.

Mazhar Mashvani, head of CTD investigations, told The News that they were investigating the case. of Saddar’s explosion, which left a young Human dead and 11 others were injured. He said they went through security cameras. camera footage available and wrote statements of witnesses.

At the beginning hours of Wednesday, information was divided with CTD Sindh by federal intelligence agency regarding presence of terrorists in Keamari area. Taking action on in information, a joint raid on the shelter was carried out of terrorists. Seeing the security forces approaching, the suspects opened fire on raiding team, who retaliated and a fight ensued. After a brief firefight, the police detained two alleged terrorists. in wounded, and their accomplices succeeded escape.

The wounded suspects were taken to the local police station, where they were ascertained. dead. They put on a kilo of explosive material, ball bearings, detonators, fuses, detonating cord and remote recipient. Officials took explosives material to their headquarters.

Mashwani identified the suspects as Allah Dino and Nawab, stating that Dino was the mastermind. of Saddar’s explosion and was also detected by CCTV cameras camera footage showing him riding and parking his bicycle in the Saddar parking lot where the explosion took place. took place on 12 May.

CTD official also said the Nawab was an intermediary who given that group housing, weapons and other essentials. official added that further investigation is pending way.

The bomb explosion occurred around 23:20. on Dowdpota Road near Lucky Star when vehicle of passed by the Pakistan Coast Guard. It remains to be seen whether vehicle was the goal.

SRA later took over for blast through social media. The explosion damaged several cars and shattered windows. of nearby buildings. Heavy contingent of Law enforcement, including police and rangers, arrived at the scene and cordoned off off in area. “It was a terrorist act, and the explosion was caused SVU [improvised explosive device] apparently planted on bicycle, the official said. added what 25-year-old Muhammad died, son of Sadik was killed in Incident.

Who commands the SRA?

SRA taking responsibility for many terrorist attacks were formed in 2010 Syed Asghar Shah, extremist Sindh nationalist worker, originally resident of Bada, Larkana District.

Shah formed Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz (JSMM). with his old colleague Shafi Burfat in 2000, separation with a big Sindh nationalist party, Jai Sind Qaumi Mahaz. JSMM head Burfat, originally a resident of village of Sehvan, Jamshoro district, residence in Germany with some of his associates. Those close to Shah believe SRA founder is in hiding in border town of Iran, from where he runs his terrorist cell.

JSMM open announced their combat activities for their cause initiated their political activities from the podium of JSMM and formed the Sindh Liberation Army for their terrorist and sabotage activities.

The Shah was arrested in the Akhtar colony in Karachi. in 2005 special investigation chamber of Sindh police. He stayed behind bars for five years. In 2010, when he was released, he broke up with his old partner Burfat and created his own group, SRA. Sources close to both groups say that with passage of time, Burfata group weakened on both the political and terrorist fronts, while group got more strength.

His group reported an attack on law enforcement officers (LEAs) in various parts of Sindh and people of different nationalities carrying out explosions on power lines and railway tracks, as well as targeting Chinese citizens, especially those who work on Projects of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. LEAs believe there is active link between Baloch terrorist groups and SRA as they cooperate with together in attacks by providing logistical support and information of targets for each other.

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