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The onslaught of flood waters on human life, property continues

  • Jet water from Lake Manchar devastates nearby villages in Dadu, Jamshoro
  • The UN Secretary-General was briefed during his visit to the NFRCC and will conduct round of flood-affected areas

JAMSHORO / DADU / ISLAMABAD: flood waters came out of Lake Manchar in the background rising levels devastated nearby villages in Dadu and Jamshor districts with Pakistani army and navy teams working round watch to move victims to safer locations.

According to the details, flood water released from Lake Manchar by deliberate reductions is devastated six more union tips in Sehwan. India Highway at Sehwan and several access roads also flooded, shutting down several villages in Dadu and Sehwan districts.

National Highway Administration (NHA) on On Wednesday, the Karachi-Larkana Indus Highway was closed due to flooding on various locations. According to NHA sources, the highway is flooded. flood water near Mehar, Khairpur Nathan Shah and Sehwan paid square. Water level on in location is about 3 feet, they added.

The highway police said the highway could not be opened until the water level dropped significantly. The Grand Trunk Road (GT Road) has also hit hard by heavy rains and floods in province, they added.

national highway also victims near Nowshero, Kandiar, Kazi Ahmed and Jakhanyan, traffic police added. Time expired from Sukkur Karachi up from 6 to 15 hours during floods and rain they added.

Over 5000 km of roads were damaged in in the country due to devastating floods and heavy rains, according to the NDMA.

Floods continue to wreak havoc in Dadu on human lives and property, for they haven’t backed down yet in their power and energy, despite the fact that weeks have passed on Friday. In accordance with official springs, lake Manchar again as part of continuous efforts to reduce water pressure in This is after heavy rains.

Embankment Karampur of Lake Manchar broke through, after which the flood waters poured into the Indus River. land connection of Sehwan with Dada and Larkana were slaughtered off flood everywhere.

Previously collapsed bridge on Indus highway due to torrents of gushing flood resulting from violation in Lake Manchar.

In Khairpur Nathan Shah, flooding claimed the lives of three people. more human lives. One person died after being bitten by a floating snake in flood in suburban village of Glen Lander. Whereas two others died after the roof of them house collapsed on them in Kaumi Charu village.

It should be noted here that at least eight people still died due to flood in Khairpur Nathan Shah.

In addition, rains and floods destroyed the Qambar Shahdadkot area, as houses of people were swept away in torrents of raging floods. Victims are worried and stuck in their homes and they using boats to move from one place to another.

Guterres visits National Flood Response Coordination Center

United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres visits the National Flood Response Coordination Center (NFRCC) on Friday where he briefed on scale of damage.

In the morning session of in flood response center, comprehensive review of in current flood situation and response with focus on a rehabilitation plan was adopted.

Guterres has arrived in Pakistan on Friday for two-day visit of solidarity in a catastrophic situation caused floods in country. He was received by the minister of State for Ministry of Foreign Affairs Hina Rabbani Khar at Islamabad International Airport.

During the visit, Guterres will visit flood-affected areas in country.

Areas that have been hit the hardest in Sindh due to heavy rains and floods: Kambar Shahdad Kot, Jakobabad, Larkana, Khairpur, Dadu, Noshero Feroz, Thatta and Badin while Quetta, Nasirabad, Jafarabad, Jalmagsi, Bolan, Sohbatpur and Lasbela are the worst.hit in Balochistan.

Meanwhile, those hardest hit by the floods in CP: Dir, Swat, Charsadda, Kohistan, Tank and D.I. Khan, while in Punjab: The districts of Dera Ghazi Khan and Rajanpur were severely affected by the disaster.

Repairs to roads and railways

After a landslide on a 24-kilometer section of Wangu Hills, restoration work In the process, with two kilometers area cleared already, according to a statement from the NFRCC.

Meanwhile, the H-50 in Dera Ismail Khan opened for traffic and work on access road and start of Bailey bridge is currently underway.

Road from Meher Johi Canal to Khairpur Nathan Shah also was closed due to flooding and will reopen after drainage of water.

flood response center added what for rail link, the bridge connecting Quetta and Taftan was damaged, and the 27-kilometer track currently Existence restored between Quetta and Nushki.

Railway bridge connecting Quetta and Sibbi, also were damaged near Mach and restored work In the process.

Flood in Sindh of on the way from Rohri, Dadu to Habibkot, railway traffic has been suspended, which will resume after the water decides in in area. The path between Rohri and Nawabshah also dive and resume of traffic will depend on water clearance.

Army relief efforts continue

To date, 446 sorties of army aviation helicopters have been made. for evacuation of stuck people in various parts of country.

in past 24 hours, 32 sorties were made and 163 people were rescued, stranded, and 34 tons of relief items were delivered to flood casualties, according to the NFRCC.

total amount of stuck people who evacuees so far has reached 4,264 people.

On the other hand, 147 aid camps and 284 aid collections points have been established in Sindh, South Punjab and Balochistan for families affected by the disaster.

6031 tons of food items collected in donations

As many as 6031.5 tons of food items1032.1 tons of substance items and 3,178,092 medicinal items have been collected so far in donations. outside of this, 5591.3 tons of food, 991.8 tons of substances and 2,969,942 medicinal items have been common so far.

established 25 medical camps

Over 250 medical camps established in which the more treated more than 0.1 million patients nationwide and provided with 3-5 days of free medicine.

Pakistan Navy ramps up relief efforts

The Pakistan Navy has installed four flood help centers, six central points collections two tent camps for 4189 places. people and 50 medical camps in of which 33,973 patients were treated nationwide.

In addition, about 1200 tons of rations, 2780 tents and 460,577 liters of mineral and fresh waters also was distributed in various areas.

In addition, 23 Emergency Response Teams (ERTs) of the Pakistan Navy equipped with 45 motor boats and two hovercraft are involved. in 10 counties and rescued 13,063 stranded people. personnel.

nautical force It has also deployed two helicopters in Sind. To date, 47 sorties have been flown, 465 people have been rescued. people and distribution of 3297 packages of ration and 300 kg of medicine.

figure eight diving teams of Navy Pak have also blown away out 26 diving jobs in affected areas across Pakistan.

PAF nationwide rescue operations continue

The Pakistan Air Force has also conducted 87 S-130s, 92 MI-17s and 54 AW-139s. air sorties, 1,521 personnel rescued, 2,577 tents distributed, 165,357 food packages, 2,482.24 tons of rations and created 19 tent camps for 16,695 people. people50 relief camps and 41 medical camps in 37,789 patients were treated throughout the country.

PAF is fully committed in Nawabshah Sindh, Sukkur, Mirpur Khas, Talhaar, Jacobabad, Sehwan and Perpato.

this is also conducting rescue operations in the city of Baklochistan of Bamungli, Killa Abdullah and Killa Saifulla, and Rajanpour and D.G. Khan in Punjab and Gilgit Skardu, Gizer, Naltar, Ganche in GB.

Nowshera, Charsadda, Kheshgi, Saidu Sharif, Shangla, Laram have also stayed in the spotlight in KP.

Violation in Mirpur-Kotli Highway on periphery of Mangla lake

life-threatening cracks developed in a big part of Mirpur-Kotli highway close to the periphery of Mangla Dam Reservoir Causing Fear and Panic Among Locals population.

Mirpur Deputy Commissioner C. Amjad Iqbal led the diversion. of Heavy traffic moving to Mirpur and back for Kotli and other major cities along the Band Road alternative route, passing along the Mangla-dam reservoir.

The district administration has also advised all departments concerned including AJK highways, police, MUST geographical department and other agencies for remain vigilant and vigilant to deal with every opportunity in case of continuation of violation.

In the meantime, the Department of Highways was advised start repairing highway preventing expansion of gap and erosion on a busy highway.

After visiting the affected area of Mirpur Kotli Highway on the section of Dairi Chowdriyan village, along with in senior officials of administration and concerned departments to conduct an immediate review of website, Deputy Commissioner Mirpur Ch. Amjad Iqbal said APP is here on Friday that the breach followed by the hurtful cracks were found developed in height way Dhairi Chaudryan website on Mirpur Kotli Road, about 06 km from Mirpur. city.

the highway was immediately closed for Heavy traffic. Nonetheless light traffic was allowed to continue with extremely low speed on the affected section, DC said, adding that the Mirpur Highway Department was directed to start repairing affected part of road with building of instantaneous speed breakers on both sides of affected part of highway, he added.

DC was surrounded senior district administration officials, including ADC [G] Yasser Riaz, AC Muneer Qureshi, Div. Director of PID AJK Mirpur div. Javeid Malik, officials of police and traffic department during a visit to view collapsed site of highway.

“The matter seems to be very serious, since the affected part of Mirpur Kotli highway is close to left bank of Mangla reservoir,” the deputy commissioner told the leadership of AZhK. government authorities in meanwhile a letter on Friday.

“In the past big part of Mirpur-Kotli highway, hardly half of one kilometer from current the affected area was washed away after major erosion from side of Mangla reservoir, renovated concerned departments,” the DC stressed. in his letter.

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