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The next prime minister will present help for households for several days as energy price cap rose to £3,500

Boris Johnson said on Thursday during a surprise visit to Kyiv while the UK was “paying in our electricity bills for evil of Vladimir Putin people of Ukraine pays in their blood.”

Treasury source added last night: “Putin is driving up gas prices to cause as much pain as he can on British people, in revenge for our persistent support of Ukraine struggle for freedom. We can’t let him use energy as a weapon for separation us”.

Options for in next The Prime Minister, to alleviate the crisis, includes cutting green fees on electricity bills, VAT write-off on electricity bills, increasing the rebate by £400 already distributed to households from October or frozen price cover at or close to it current level.

Miss Truss said. on Thursday what her plans for tax cuts and clean energy tax cuts to ease pressure on family budget, added that her new The chancellor will consider “what else needs to be done.”

She said, “I am very clear what we shouldn’t do money from people in taxes and then pay them back back them in Benefits.”

Thursday night Miss Truss doubled down on her claim that she would deal with the energy crisis by cutting taxes and increasing supply, not by additional payments.

Addressing penultimate Conservative leadership persecutions in Norwich, she admitted that the country was facing massive issue with people unable to afford the energy.”

She is added: “What are we really need doing so fix nutrition of energy. fact that we didn’t get enough gas out of North Sea, we weren’t moving fast enough with nuclear, we’re not doing enough on as well as renewable energy sources.

“Instead of just saying that the answer to everything give out more cashwe need look at the root causes of this is problem.”

The foreign minister warned that energy prices are high here for for a long time term”. “If a people think it is problem will be over in six months they are wrong,” she said.

Energy companies advocate freeze price cap close to mine current level, with government covering additional cost of higher Wholesale prices. This plan may cost taxpayers up to £100bn, which the companies say should be repaid through higher accounts in in future.

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