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The news of the day straight to your inbox

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Without algorithm, without search, reliably and quickly directly to your mailbox: The new t3n newsletter delivers the news of the day by email. Sign up now.

Facebook down, Instagram down, Whatsapp down, Twitch leaked. In A lot can happen to the digital world in a short time – and of course t3n is always there!

Do you want to be informed quickly about these events in the future and preferably on the path that is most direct for you? Then we now have

our browser push notifications and the social channels also launched a new newsletter: News of the day.

The newsletter at a glance:

  • Headline (s) of the day, straight to your mailbox.
  • Be informed immediately if something Exciting things happen in the digital world.

  • In a nutshell – you see directly what it’s about.
  • You also celebrate our idea and do you always want to be informed when something happens? Then sign up for the new newsletter and don’t miss any more important news:

    Register now

    Why by email?

    The tool e-mail has been buried several times in the past – only to keep coming back a little stronger. Despite alternative offers, which can be superior depending on the purpose, the classic mail remains a central instrument of communication. In fact, even in competition with messengers and collaboration tools, the number of e-mails sent is increasing from year to year. This also has to do with the boom in e-commerce.

    The newsletters are an equally useful and, especially in the recent past, very successful use of the e-mail tool. This instrument is currently experiencing a real boom. The reasons for this are diverse.

    The direct connection between senders and receivers plays an important role. Readers do not have to trust the functionality of algorithms here, nor do they even have to search for it themselves. Instead: delivered as ordered. Without additional effort, without unwanted filters.

    The t3n newsletters are also enjoying increasing popularity. Again and again, however, we encountered the desire for direct, up-to-date information in this way. We are now creating exactly this possibility with a new newsletter, which bears the descriptive and fitting name of “News of the Day”.

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Derrick Santistevan
Derrick is the Researcher at World Weekly News. He tries to find the latest things going around in our world and share it with our readers.

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