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The new National Health Security Laboratory is on constant alert.

A network of researchers established to predict, prevent, mathematically model epidemics, study environmental risks associated with pathogens and invasive species, and analyze digital health data is presented. under the name National Health Security Laboratory November 3, 2022 – at the University of Szeged. The new knowledge base was developed by a consortium of 16 domestic universities and research centers led by the University of Szeged as part of the “National Laboratories Program” announced under the “Hungary Recovery and Resilience Plan”. Analytical working group, which included researchers working in different disciplines in different institutions of the country. At that time, the need for a broad research network that would analyze health security risks in Hungary based on modern, data-driven scientific methods became apparent. A consortium based on this idea won a grant of HUF 8.3 billion in a tender called “Establishment and Development of the National Laboratory”. The purpose of the established National Health Security Laboratory is to create in our country a scientific base for decision-making based on data and analysis in the field of health, epidemic prevention and ecological systems.

The National Health Security Laboratory is one of the research groups, previously working in isolation, has created a joint network of constant readiness. Its four core areas, the departments of Epidemiology, Epidemiology, Invasion Biology, and Data-Driven Health, will conduct research integrating the competencies of many scientific fields, from first observation to modeling the spread of an epidemic to preparing a health system. Early recognition and rapid response are also supported by ecological systems research, which monitors the species that come to Hungary with climate change and the pathogens that come along with them and pose a threat to humans.

Health Safety Research The new National Laboratory will be supported by innovative surveillance systems, will be supported by big data and artificial intelligence methods, as well as the results of mathematical modeling.

Professional head of the National Health Laboratory Consortium, Dr. Gergely Röst, a mathematician from the University of Szeged, said that The One Health research network is a concept that recognizes that people’s health is closely related to the health of the living world and our common environment. The National Laboratory undertakes to carry out extensive monitoring of pathogens, their carriers and their habitats that may threaten Hungarian society in the future, analyze their risk, prepare forecasts based on the processing of epidemiological data, and support public health and management with data-driven diagnostic tools. According to Dr. Gergeli Röst, this comprehensive activity will lay the foundation for the creation of the national system of epidemiological forecasting “Napyan” in the NWTE Rector’s House.

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