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The new law means future medical scandals could be missed, says supervisory authority of the NHS | Health policy

New laws to allow healthcare workers in medical errors in England in give certificate in secret keep in mind future The NHS Ombudsman warned that maternity scandals could be overlooked. says “shocking” baby deaths in shrewsbury not one-off.

government health and care bill passed on Wednesday means NHS staff can give evidence of clinical errors in private in security space”. But Rob Behrens, Parliamentary Ombudsman and Health Services Ombudsman, says the change means he and his staff can’t get to the bottom of it of medical deficiencies because office will be denied access to this vital information.

In a bitter irony, the shake of medical examination rules passed through the House of Commons on same day report on the biggest motherhood scandal in in history of published by the NHS.

“Now we have actually been excluded from the so-called safe spaceBerens said. “There is a serious risk of women who directly experienced obstetrics service failure unable to hold the service accountable as result of change in law.”

Under changesHealth Safety Investigation Branch (HSIB), set up in 2017 by then health secretary Jeremy Hunt, improved patient safety after the Stafford Hospital scandal, will be renamed the Health Services Safety Investigation Authority (HSSIB). new body can be collected secret testimonies of midwives, nurses and doctors involved in in preventable deaths and patient safety failures, but information can’t share with anyone except for coroners.

“This means that if new body, in successor to HSIB, decides to launch an investigation into the crisis of motherhood like in one in Shrewsbury, then they would have the right to take opinions of clinicians, without holding clinicians accountable for what did they do, in terms of the evidence they provided to HSIB,” Behrens said. “And this great anxiety. this is a violation of accountability. The only one way we could stop him if we went to the Supreme Court.”

He said out after final Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital independent investigation report NHS Trust found 201 babies and nine mothers could give birth or give birth survived if the NHS trust provided better care.

disadvantages in Shrewsbury might be a tip of iceberg, suggests Behrens. “We have a significant amount of not only cases of medical care, but also cases of motherhood. I have looked at a significant amount of death as result of perinatal incidents.

Shrewsbury is not alone in verification of the maternity protection service by other authorities, with reports expected later year to Nottingham University Hospitals and East Kent University Hospitals NHS foundation seven years after another maternity scandal was investigated in Furness. general hospital in Barrow.

“What strikes me is that if you compare Okenden’s report with Kirkap’s report of 2015 in Morecambe Bay, you have to question why things happen from time to time again when they should be stopped after first example of it happens?

“You get politicians who said after Morecambe Bay: “This should will never happen again.’ And I heard the politicians in House of Communities say exactly the same [this week]. But it is so. And it’s a team failure”.

behrens says he was amazed at battle agitator mothers like Rhiannon Davis and Kaylie Griffiths faced in shrewsbury for many years to get to truth. “I take my hat off to integrity and perseverance of those people who there were tragedies and [were] still determined to find out what’s happened. It took years out of their lives, and this deserves deep respect. This shouldn’t have happened.

“These women and their families were allowed down shocking levels of pregnancy care with devastating consequences. What aggravates the catalog of mistakes over for many years these are voices of victims and families were never heard and even blamed for results. It’s shameful.”

behrens added: “This report should wake up-up call for maternity services and trusts. I repeat the words of Donna Okenden. view that the care of motherhood should properly funded, staff well trained, and when things go wrong, trusts should listen to people suffer and learn from their mistakes.

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