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The new 50 pound banknote was issued with a portrait of Alan Turing

The new polymer-based banknote depicting a famous mathematician was issued by the Bank of England on the birthday of a scientist considered one of the fathers of computer science. The 10×10-meter rainbow canvas, inspired by the LGBT Pride flag, was unveiled at Benhall in Gloucestershire, a GCHQ secret service government communications center known as the donut, Sky Sky wrote

Alan Turing played a key role in Enigma. in Bletchley Park, Buckinghamshire, the home of the GCHQ war, which is believed to have shortened World War II by at least two years and saved millions of lives.

The German armed forces used the Enigma encryption machine to send messages securely, which was thought to be unbreakable, but the first war messages were decrypted in 1940.

Turing was gay, which was a crime in Britain at the time, and or prison or libido-reducing hormone treatment awaited the one who was exposed. Although the scientist was the hero of the war, the stupid homophobia chased him into depression and then death. In September 2009, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown apologized on behalf of the current government for the repulsive treatment given to the scientist by the authorities at the time. The new 50-pound banknote therefore means more than the main drive before the scientist’s performance. It also warns that prejudice destroys key values.

Created by 3D artist Joe Hill in collaboration with the GCHQ Pride network, Turing is the British Bombe – a machine designed to crack the Enigma code – it is placed between its wheels and lies flat facing the sky. The image also contains 15 hidden codes for viewers to decipher, and will later be donated to organizations selected by the GCHQ Pride Network.

The new 50 pound banknote was issued with a portrait of Alan Turing

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