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The mysterious streaks of light over Sacramento

The Associated Press says the strange streaks of light seen in the sky over Sacramento on St. Patrick’s Day likely burned space debris.

People celebrating St. Patrick’s Day put videos of the strange streaks of light on social media. When some people saw the lights, the Associated Press said Jaime Hernandez was behind the King Cong Brewing Company in Sacramento for a St. Patrick’s Day party. He began filming.

The brewery put his video on Instagram with the caption “Crazy Fireworks. Tonight, this flew over the brewery. What do you think, guys? #UFO.”

Here’s what Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics astronomer Jonathan McDowell thinks: He is 99.9% sure that the burning streaks were space junk from an old Japanese communications package that had broken down. In an interview with the AP, he said that the instrument helped send information from the International Space Station to satellites on earth. The equipment, which weighed 683 pounds, was thrown out of the space station. The AP said that when it came back to Earth, it was expected to burn up completely. McDowell thought that the pieces of space junk were about 40 miles up. More than 42,000 people saw the Instagram post from the King Cong Brewing Company.


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