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The motorist handed five points for ride too close to cyclists, causing a scandal with activists

The driver was awarded five points on his police license for ride “too close” to cyclists, causing a scandal with activists.

Sheffield North West Area Conservancy team posted video of Incident onlinewhich shows in driver of Peugeot appears to be crossing white traffic signs when cyclists… who were driving in single file – overtake parked car.

Commenting on video, police team said: driver of This vehicle I decided pass a group of cyclists in excessive speed and too close.

“If a anyone considers it acceptable of driving, let it be yours warning”.

And get five points on his license, driver was fined £417, causing an uproar among motorists. campaign groups who claimed that driver did nothing wrong.

“Idiotic” decision

Alliance of British drivers said that decision was an “idiot” one “undermines trust of courts and police.

“We all know there are fanatics who want drivers stop and bow down for every cyclist. If the police foolishly decide side with it will ruin their relationship with in public”, group added.

However, Sheffield Police team did not bow down to online criticism and response in defense of them decision:” driver not just endanger one cyclist, he was also too close to the next.

“He would see group of bikes in line, and decided to accelerate to speed increase danger all of them and roll over white lines to them.

“If he had just ridden in less dangerous conditions speed and stayed on his own side of he would not have been held accountable on the road.

dangerous driving

“If a people prefer to endanger vulnerable road users with poor driving, they need remember that any pedestrian, rider, cyclist or vehicle could be a record. We will be happy to make sure that there are consequences for endangering others.”

AT post on Twitter, police team added that they were expecting some “some” in terms of online responses to the clip, but that it was important for people “to know what do the police and the courts think about this type of whose driving result shows”.

The incident happened in August 2021, until update was introduced into the traffic rules in January, who now advises drivers “leave at least 1.5 meters when overtaking cyclists at a speed of up up to 30 miles per hour and give them more space when overtaking higher speed.”

Drivers also urged to wait behind them (cyclists) and do not overtake if it is unsafe or not possible to comply with these permits.”

The previous guide just said drivers to “give motorcyclists, cyclists and riders at least as much space as when overtaking car”.

And risk is based on the “hierarchy of road users” also entered into updated version of Traffic code.

Vulnerable road users

pyramid founded on the idea that those who can cause the greatest harm, bears the greatest responsibility to avoid hurt another, more vulnerable road users.

Many cyclists have expressed support for actions taken by the police. Ian Carey said: “An appropriate condemnation. driver slowed down down and let the cyclists pass would not be issue.

“Delay in driver it would be a few seconds.

driver of in vehicle was released with a warning notice after police notice of offense.

“If they see him drive in careless and antisocial behavior in in year since it was released vehicle will be arrested,” the police said. team added.


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