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The monsoon arrives in Kerala, only the fourth early start since 2010

The southwest monsoon has arrived over Kerala Sunday, the next three days of Natural start date of June 1, Indian Meteorological Service (IMD) said.

This is only the fourth occasion since 2010 when it started of southwest monsoon over Kerala took place Ahead of time (June 1). According to IMD records, the monsoons arrived earlier than usual in 2010 (May 31), 2017 (May 30), 2018 (May 29). first appearance over Kerala has been registered since 2005 in The year 2006, when the monsoon arrived on May 26.

Announcement about arrival of It was monsoon made After being satisfied with IMD with All meteorological parameters including cloud cover over Arabian Sea and Kerala, precipitation over 14 stations in Kerala, its strength and depth of West winds, among other things.

Although early arrival of southwest monsoon over Andaman Sea on May 16 this yearmonsoon, wind progress then slowed down down.

according to latest Forecast released by IMD, monsoon progress over some more slash of Probably Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Arabian Sea and Lakshadweep in The next Two to three days. Somewhat extensive rain is expected over Kerala and Mahe until June 4th.


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