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The Minecraft update version 1.20 has been Dubbed “The Trails and Tales” by Mojang

The eagerly awaited Minecraft 1.20 update will be known as “The Trails and Tales Update,” according to Mojang. On the website Minecraft.net, Sofia Dankis broke the news.

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According to Mojang, the Trails & Tales update will debut later this year, despite the need for an official release date.

As with all significant releases, the 1.20 upgrade will include new critters, a new biome, blocks, mechanics, and more.

The new Cherry Blossom biome, which features new Cherry Trees and carpet blocks, is one of the largest additions.

Further quality-of-life changes, such as accessibility enhancements, will be added to the game in addition to the new biome and blocks.

You can use snapshot updates to test these new additions. “, says Minecraft.net.

We want your opinions because all features currently available in snapshots, betas, and previews are early versions. Your suggestions are a crucial component of our procedure. We iterate and fine-tune each feature after releasing an early version and gathering feedback. Before platform submissions, certification, and ultimately release time, we conduct additional testing.

“Thank you for your input. Please send it to the Minecraft 1.20 feedback site and report any bugs to bugs.mojang.com. Look at these instructions for installing snapshots, betas, and previews on your preferred platform!

Later this year, all platforms will receive the Minecraft 1.20 Update Trails & Tales.

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