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The meteorologist calls the children on-air warns them of tornado

This is a rare touching twister tale.

The meteorologist from Washington is warming up in repeated storm of social media for calmly calls his children on air to warn them to take cover from the tornado immediately.

“Get down like soon how can you, okay? NBC Washington Chief Meteorologist Doug Kammerer says calmly into the cell phone while the cameras were running on Thursday night weather report.

“Yeah, get down there right now. Receive in bathroom down there. As well as just Kind of wait for like 10-15 minutes. OK? Do it now. Okay. Thanks, buddy”.

He posted Video of in call on Twitter. on-air map behind he showed path of tornado moves to the right over his family home when he quickly called home.

“Get down like soon how can you, okay? NBC’s chief meteorologist in Washington, Doug Kammerer, calmly told his children.
McMullan/Sipa USA

“I must warn my children. Because I know What are my kids doing now? They probably online gaming and they don’t see it,” Kammerer told the audience, turning back to camera.

“I was furious out a little inside,” he later said. in twitter post though his fear never showed on air. “They are safe. Thanks! scary moment for although I”.

The audience hailed the diligent meteorologist as a hero.

“Absolute respect! Glad your kids are safe and thank you for everything you do for help keep our community safely!” gushed @_socialcat.

“You did the right thing. Our families are coming first” posted James B. Creel Jr.

“This how you know this is serious weather when your meteorologist calls his children. marked @MitchellHorton.

“We have had tornado warnings before, but I could always text my wife or call them off-air,” Kammerer told AccuWeather.

video capture - meteorologist, Doug Kammerer, calling the kids on-air warns them of tornado.
He said he’s going crazy out inside” during broadcast.

“This was first the time i had to do call live. My wife wasn’t home so my kids were home one and I knew they wouldn’t pay attention. Fortunately, we were all safe and not one was hit by that tornado.”

Tornado EF-0 came to Tysons Corner, Virginia. on Thursday evening, National Weather Service. confirmed on Friday.


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