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The man is accused with fatally stabbed teenager, wounded 4 during tube on Apple River

Prior Lake man stabbed a 17-year-old man.year- the old boy from Stillwater death and wounded four others people during a physical confrontation between him and several others on the Apple River, a popular tubing spot in western Wisconsin, according to charges filed Monday.

Nicolae Miu, 52, showed up via video call on monday afternoon in District Court of Santa Cruz County in Hudson and was ordered to carry out in instead of of 1 million dollars cash post-charge bond with firstdegree murder and four points of attempt firstmurder degree.

The case leans heavily on video recorded on saturday afternoon by a man in a group of tubers, some of who pushed Miu and blamed him of looking for for girls, criminal complaint has been read. A few minutes later, Miu allegedly killed Isaac Schumann. with stab wound to the upper abdomen, and four others in their 20s were less seriously hurt.

Interrogated by law enforcement after his arrest Miu said he acted in myself-defense like a few people approached him while he watched for a mobile phone that a friend has lost. He said something of they were “made two weapons”, hit him and were on Top of him in one point, calling him a child molester.

“They attacked me [and] I was in myself-defense regime,” he was quoted as saying by the prosecution. One day he saw someone with knife,” he continued, “I thought that for me.” He added that he did not remember how he stabbed anyone and there was only a knife with him before in day to cut the thread that held their tubes together.

Said of teen deathMiu said, “Oh no,” the accusations say.

If Miu post on bail, he will be required to maintain “absolute sobriety” and carry no weapons, Judge Michael Waterman said.

Miu, handcuffed on my wrists and in orange prison dressed, sitting quietly in room in jail supervised of sheriff’s deputies during his first appearance. Copy of in criminal complaint sat on table in front of him. He answered “yes sir” to the judge’s questions about his identity and other routine matters.

During the hearing, prosecutor Erica Ellenwood asked for $500,000. cash connection. Ellenwood admits Miu doesn’t have criminal record but noted that he does not live in county and conviction of killing Schumann could result in life prison sentence.

Defense attorney Jeremy Harrelson argued, for connection of $50,000. He pointed out that Miu owns his home, his family is the only employee, works as a mechanical engineer and lives in sister cities area since 1993.

Harrelson called the incident “unforeseen, random collide on river. …Something went wrong wrong on river, and it has developed into some unfortunate, very unfortunate consequences.”

Judge scheduled a hearing for Friday to discuss his legal representation followed by another hearing on 12th of August.

Apple River has long been a major summer attraction. for Residents of sister cities.

Victims and Miu were pipes down river around 3:45 pm, Sheriff Scott Knudson said. attack happened just upstream from the highway. 35/64 bridge in The town of Somerset, near the Minnesota border and to the northeast. of Still water.

According to criminal a complaint:

Miu ran up to several people and grabbed their tubes, videotape of meeting provided to law enforcement disclosed. People in in group yelled at Miu to “get out”.

Miu walked around as if looking for for something, began to walk away before turning around and saying something. More people agreed on him and shouted for him to leave. He approached the woman and people the words “he was looking for for girls.”

The crowd grew and “it really seems that at least one the man touched his shoulder, people we on three sides of Miu at different distances. Miu had the “opportunity … to withdraw from the confrontation,” but she did not do so, according to the complaint.

While two women ran into him, Miu held a knife at his side with blade is exposed. Several people moved towards Miu, fell back into the water and was slapped. in in face.

Miu received back on his feet and pushed with behind someone in swimming trunks who came to him again. Miu then stabbed the man with a knife wearing trunks in stomach “when shoved back in water on his back.”

When Miu stood up again pushing of Miu continued and he replied with more with sudden movements and ran off.

Miu’s wife, Sondra Miu, told law enforcement that she and her husband went to the river with two friends ride tubes. She told her husband left in group watch for mobile phone, which one of they lost.

She said she saw people get off their pipes and start hit him, but saw nothing else. She said Miu told her that people snatched the knife from him and swung at him, and that they accuse him of be a pedophile before attacking him.

Sondra Miu said she didn’t think her husband “was there long enough to cause harm anyone”, the indictment says.

All survivors are hospitalized in stable condition from severe to critical injuries to the torso or chest, the sheriff’s office said in a statement Sunday. They include two men from Luck, Wisconsin, one 20 and another 22 years old; 24-year-an old woman from Burnsville and 22-year- the old man from Elk River. Officials have yet to reveal their identities.

Knudson said Monday afternoon that the two Lak victims have been discharged from the hospital.

The Burnsville woman’s name is Riley Mattison. who explained on GoFundMe page on on her behalf that “some friends and I were pipes when we arrived [across] a group who asked for our help. we went with friends over to see what’s going on onand there was an older man who was out of place and was asked to leave but didn’t want to. The old man finished up with a knife and stabbed several friends of me and me too.”

The sheriff said, “Thank God the witness took a photo. of [the suspect]. Another witness found him at the exit. of a tube areawhere he was taken into custody. we are not know for now who was connected to who, who knew each other or what hastened it. This is a tragic day.”

In response to the attack, the NCT operator is closed for day sunday but resumed business Monday.

Saturday was “a difficult and tragic day on river,” a Facebook post Sunday from River’s Edge Campground said. “Dozens of thousands of visitors annually…enjoyed swimming on the river with family and friends. Yesterday act of violence destroyed that serenity.”

The post described the emergency response to the incident as “immediate and very best of in communitythese are volunteers and specialists who service us. … Not amount of preparation can predict or plan for random valid of violence like it, but thanks to the joint efforts of everyone is involved, the situation has been fully resolved and is under control in a short time.”

This was stated by the headmaster of Stillwater High School Robert Bach. in an email to the families that “we express our deepest condolences family and everyone influenced directly or indirectly. … During this time of grief, we ask you to save family in your thoughts.”

Bach added” death of even a classmate for those who not know them good, will affect everyone student differently, and all reactions need be addressed with great care and support. We invite you to talk with your children sad about it news as well as help them to process their feelings.

“Please let us know how we can go on help you and yours children like us work through this difficult process together.”

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