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the male who murdered wife on wedding night and stuffed body in suitcase in prison for 21 years old

Human who killed his wife on their wedding night and stuffed it body in suitcase was imprisoned for life with minimum term of 21 years old

Thomas Nutt, 46, killed his 52-year-old wife Dawn Walker. just hours after their exchange of vows in October last year.

Her body was found in field four days later. He was stuffed into suitcase and threw in bushes behind couple in West Yorkshire home.

Nutt kept body in closet before trying to get rid of of it is his murder listened to the trial.

Thomas Nutt, 46, confessed to manslaughter but was found guilty of murder


Sentence Nutt on On Friday, Judge Rose said: “There can be no doubt that Dawn Walker was subjected to domestic violence … I am not inclined to admit that you are sincerely remorseful. for what have you done.”

He added: “Dawn Walker died because you’re a bully used to controlling and manipulating women. I’m completely sure you dominated her with your controlling behavior and it’s over in unjustified violence on October 27, as a result of that she lost her life at your hands.

During this trial, the jury was told that Nutt had admitted manslaughter. of his wife on on the grounds that “he did not intend cause her really serious harm at the time he killed her.”

However, the jury at Bradford Crown Court found he is guilty of murder after just three hours of deliberation.

The court heard Nutt called the police. on October 31 last year, telling them that his wife went missing after she left them home in Shirley Grove, Lightcliff. Then he seemed to start searching for her.

Lawyers for the prosecution stated that “the cruel and harsh reality consisted in the fact that the defendant “knew very well that her body lay dead in closet in matrimonial home”.

CCTV footage shown during the trial shows Nutt rolling suitcase out of in back of his house and in the nearest bushes just as the policeman came to his front door to follow up on report of his disappearance.

Miss Walker body testified that she had suffered serious neck injuries, as the court heard, indicating that there had been “forcible application of pressure on her neck.”

Witnesses told the court that the couple had a “troubled” relationship.

One neighbor said he went round to their house two months before their wedding after he heard the screams.

Nutt told a neighbor that Miss Walker had asthma. attack but she screamed out: “Don’t believe him, he lies, he tries kill me,” the court heard.

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