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The legal fraternity throws weight behind Judge BAC


Punjab Governor Omar Sarfraz Cheema Announces Sending Recommendation against Lahore High Court Judge Jawad Hassan at the Supreme Judicial Council (SJC) shocked the legal community, which vehemently condemned him, saying no citation could be filed. against judge on Account of error in his order.

Lahore High Court Bar Association (LHCBA), Pakistan Bar Council (PBC) – regulatory body of lawyers – and the Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) – respected lawyers. body and other legal luminaries threw their weight behind Supreme Court justice and expressed strong concerns over governor’s statement.

In a statement, SCBA President Ahsan Bhoon and Secretary Wasim Mumtaz Malik said that Judge Javad Hassan was not only an independent, honest and competent judge, but also also en asset to the highest court.

All legal fraternity of country stands behind him, they argued.

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“It is shocking that the incumbent governor of Punjab is constantly made mockery of The constitution ridiculed office of a governor who deviated from the constitution and sabotaged democratic norms,” the statement said, noting that the governor’s “tyrannical mindset” is unparalleled in countries history.

sniffing rat in actions of the beleaguered governor, the SCBA interrogated on by whose decree and by what order did the governor deviate from constitutional norms, adding that, apparently, Chima was trying to sow chaos and lawlessness in largest province of Pakistan.

“be a keeper of Constitution, the highest judiciary is obliged to take into account of unconstitutional steps adopted by the current Governor of the Punjab, and that is why the Honorable Mr Justice Jawad Hassan rightly gave decision in conformity with Constitution and Law”.

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SCBA representatives also strongly condemned the attack against honorable judges and judiciary and said: “No one will be allowed to defame the dignity and respect of judges for petty political gains.

Lawyers body warning that if the crisis did not subside, the legal fraternity reserved every right to take punitive action to bring violators to justice.

Judge Hassan is an honest judge

Meanwhile, throwing weight behind LHC judge, PBC vice chairman Hafiz ur Rehman Chaudhry said that former was an independent, fair, honest and highly competent judge, adding that he was ” asset for our highest judiciaries and lawyers of pakistan ready with his”.’

Echoing the SCBA’s concerns, Mr Chaudhry said lawyers community would have to chalk out This future well of action in to defend independence of the judiciary, if campaign didn’t stop.


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